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    10 Questions to Ask Yourself When Planning a Salon Renovation

    Are you thinking about renovating your salon? A salon renovation could be a large and lengthy process or it could be a short-term, quick-fix initiative to give parts of your business a facelift or update your salon equipment. And while salon renovations may force you to close down or limit business momentarily, they can provide incredible benefits for your business, employees and clients. Coming into a place where you feel inspired can boost productivity and improve workplace culture, which is why it’s important to create a space and salon where people love to be.

    Renovations take a lot of planning and thought, but luckily, we can provide some insight on what to expect. We have put together a list of questions to ask yourself before you begin a renovation of your salon. After reading these questions, you should be feeling more confident about your salon renovation plans.

    Salon Renovation

    Does My Salon Need a Full Renovation or a Simple Refresh?

    If you find your business bursting at the seams and you aren’t able to keep up with demand because of the space you’re currently in, you may need to bust down the walls and go full demolition to create a floor plan and space that you can scale with your growing business.

    However, if you’re finding that you may need to refresh your salon stations because they are starting to show signs of wear, your salon equipment may need a simple refresh rather than a full remodel.

    If you have a floor plan that isn’t conducive to the way you need to run your business, you may be able to move things around to open up the space and allow for more business to come in without doing a full remodel.

    How Would a Renovation Impact My Business?

    While a renovation may turn out to be a costly investment, it could also help you skyrocket your business — especially if you plan to improve on your layout. A renovation gives you a reason to hold a fun marketing event and generate some organic buzz in your community.

    What’s more, a refresh helps improve employee morale and gives your team a beautiful place to photograph and promote themselves. Plus, it could improve your organization and operations, which means more time for generating revenue.

    Which Areas of My Salon Need to Be Renovated ASAP?

    You may not be able to complete a full renovation all at once, so it’s important to prioritize the areas that are in dire need of a renovation. First, look at your salon styling chairs and shampoo systems. Are they looking worn? Your chairs are the one thing your clients actually touch. Make sure they are up to your and your clients’ standards. Next, look at your salon stations.

    Are your stylists having trouble staying organized? Are they looking beaten up?  Also note, there are some simple things you can do for a quick refresh. Simply updating your light bulbs (link to our bulbs), slapping on a new coat of paint, and refreshing your salon’s anti-fatigue mats can do wonders for your space.

    plan Salon Renovation

    What Do I Want My Salon to Look Like?

    Since you are planning on renovating, you’ll need to think about what you want your salon to look like. From color schemes to salon furniture, you will want to think about every detail.

    You can also solicit feedback from your clients and stylists about features and changes they would like to see. Use Pinterest and Instagram to find inspiration — there are tons of great ideas to use and base your designs on.

    Which Changes Are Essential and Which Are Preferential?

    As you plan out the renovations you want, it may be a good practice to ask yourself about the changes you want versus the changes you need. If you can afford to splurge on both, great! If not, separate the changes needed from those that you would like to have but aren’t necessary. You can always make those changes later on.

    An important space you should not neglect is the restroom area. Upgrading them is important, as a clean and welcoming restroom can make or break your salon’s image. Make sure your bathroom partitions, toilets, mirrors and sinks are routinely maintained and kept in excellent condition at all times.

    What’s My Budget?

    Budgets can be costly and timely projects. So before you hire contractors to renovate your salon, determine how much you can spend. As you shop around for contractors, you want to make sure that you stick very close to your budget because unforeseen circumstances and delays can cause your total cost to fluctuate quite a bit.

    Make sure you make room in your budget for equipment costs– select quality items that are affordable but will last you a long time.

    Can I Afford to Close My Business Down for Repairs?

    If you are conducting a full renovation on your salon, it’s important to ask yourself if you’d rather close the business entirely while renovations are conducted, or keep your business open and do renovations in phases. Do what makes the most sense for your cash flow and business. If you feel that you need to close down entirely, how long could you afford to be closed for?

    How Can I Support My Stylists During the Renovation?

    Whether you completely close the business down during the renovation or conduct the renovation in phases, chances are that your stylists and employees will be affected either way. You may want to consider how you can support your employees if they will miss out on business if you close down.

    If your employees will be working through the renovation, you may want to provide your stylists and clients with protective gear or make sure you clearly separate the parts of your salon undergoing renovation so as not to inconvenience anyone.

    Can I Be Available During the Renovations?

    As your salon is getting renovated, things can change very quickly. Your contractors may need you to be on-site or available at all times of the day to make decisions on any changes that may be necessary.

    Whether your business stays open or you close down for renovations, can you dedicate time to be on-site and interact with contractors? If not, you may want to assign someone who can be present. Being available to your contractors at all times can reduce delays and other hang-ups.

    Do I Also Need to Upgrade My Technology and Equipment?

    If you are going to renovate your salon, you may want to think about updating your salon stations, technology, lighting, and equipment, too. Updating these salon staples along with the renovation can help you add additional services, create a more relaxing environment for your clients and enhance your space so that your stylists feel excited to come into work every day.

    Now you should have a better idea of which direction your salon renovation needs to head. We advise taking your time and planning this out so that you embark on a renovation that will allow you to enhance your services, grow your business and have the salon of your dreams. Good luck on your renovation!

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