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    Preparing Your Home For The Winter Season

    Having a warm and comfortable home that’s well protected from the elements is the key to get through the winter season. However, most homes in the US aren’t prepared for the cold months as a study shows that 90 percent of US homes are under-insulated. Having poor insulation can cause damage to your property, result in sky-high energy bills, and it can also have a negative impact on your family’s health. This is why it’s essential to prep your home well for the upcoming winter months and prevent any emergency that may arise while you’re hibernating. Here are some easy ways to winterize your home.

    Check Your Heating System

    Having a faulty heating system can result in icy-cold rooms and a shortage of hot water during the winter season. To prevent this from happening, check all the heating systems in your home. Start by inspecting your water heater to see if it’d still in good shape. If not, it may be time to call an expert from a water heater installation company to install a new unit. Once that’s done, move on to your other heating systems, such as the fireplace.

    You’ll need to get rid of any clutter around it and give it a thorough clean to get rid of soot, dander, dirt, and musty odors. You may also need to inspect the chimney for any signs of damage and hire someone to sweep it up for you. Meanwhile, if you have a boiler system, run it for a few hours a night to see if it’s functioning well. If not, get it serviced, or try flushing it out to see if that improves its performance.

    Draft-Proof Your Home

    If your living spaces seem to be perpetually cold, it’s likely that your home needs more insulation or air sealing. It’s also possible that you have a few drafty windows, and you’ll know that this is the case if your windows are crooked, the panes and seals are cracked, or if there’s condensation on the glass. To fix this, you can either re-glaze the panes or wrap your windows with clear film. You can also add weatherstripping and seal tiny cracks with clear polish, but if the cracks are too large, it may be time to replace the panes completely.

    Meanwhile, to stop cold air from coming in through gaps around doors, you can install new door sweeps and place some foam tape on the gaps. Hanging up heavy drapes can also help to draft-proof your house since these can reduce airflow around your windows and prevent warm air from leaking out of your home.

    Make it Comfy and Cozy

    Once you’ve sorted out your heating system and fixed all the drafty areas of your home, it’s time to make your living spaces comfy and cozy. Place a few non-slip area rugs in frequently used rooms, such as the living room and bedrooms. Next, drape some crocheted or fleece blanket throws on couches and chairs, and replace old, flattened throw pillows with new ones. To decorate your home, gather a few unscented candles and cluster them in threes or fives on pretty trays, then display them around the house.

    Finally, place a few drops of vanilla, coffee, or peppermint oil in an oil diffuser– these scents will make your home feel more warm and inviting.

    Your home should be in optimum condition to withstand the cold weather. Try these tips to prep your home and enjoy having a warm and comfortable sanctuary during the winter season.

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