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    Top Psychological Benefits Of Massage Therapy You Never Know

    Most people get a massage to relax them and get rid of everyday worries, which is effective too. A massage is not meant to provide physical relaxation only but mental as well. Most of the people who get massages do it to unwind from their busy lives, to get some peace after a hard week. Working hard causes backache issues, and a massage can see to that, or a massage is simply taken as something to treat oneself. Either way, it is our mind that gets some peace. With time, people have been taking massage as an effective choice of treatment for multiple psychological issues including attention-deficit hyperactivity, depression, and posttraumatic stress.

    Have you noticed that when you get a massage, you may find your spirits lifted? Or after a massage, you find that you have a broader perspective now? A massage session is an opportunity for some sort of self-awareness. It relaxes our mind and our body, and in that time, our mind can wander off and make discoveries not possible in ordinary days. The connection between the body and mind is manifested through a good massage. The body is the physical form that embodies our soul and mind, and while our soul remains untouched, a body massage can have the ability to relax it as well.

    A massage therapist is also a student of the mind, just as he or she is of the body. It is the job of a massage therapist to help unblock the passageways so that we may fully breathe in life. The massage soothes our feelings of angst that cause anxiety and depression.

    Most of the people have found a massage very relaxing. The purpose of a massage is not only to relax the muscles but to provide a peaceful environment as well. The masseuse prepares a typically soothing and calm environment often filled with soft music and some healing fragrances of aromatherapy scents.

    The client then lies down on a comfortable table, and the trained professional take cares of the client. The massage therapist rubs the tight muscles and loosens and relaxes them. If you cannot go to a spa or some massage therapist, then it does not mean that you should not have a chance to experience such calmness. There are many self-massaging techniques, and there are even massage chairs that provide the same effects. The ever so soothing human touch massage chair will make you forget all your tensions and worries.

    Look at some of these psychological benefits you get from massage therapy.

    #1. Depression And Anxiety

    Depression and anxiety some of the most common mental health issues and every other person have experienced them at least once. It is an obvious fact that a massage will elevate the mood. When a person gets some peace and quiet with some pampering, s/he feels fresher and lighter. A massage promotes manual manipulations of the body and the mood hormones serotonin and endorphins are released. These hormones elevate the moods. Massages can also raise levels of pain blockers and reduce the feelings that are related to chronic pain.

    Studies have also suggested that massage can reduce anxiety and depression in people with chronic illness such as fibromyalgia and cancer. Medicines are not always the solutions we are looking for, and thus a massage therapy is something that can be easily done without having any side effects. Researchers reviewed some scientific studies that involved 786 people. The findings showed that the people getting massage ended up with many positive benefits that led to a reduction in their anxiety and depression symptoms. You can even ask your therapist to choose a massage that specifically targets your depression and anxiety.

    #2. Neurotransmitter And Hormone Balance

    Studies have been conducted on how massage therapy can affect neurotransmitters, and it was seen that these are activated with massage which in turn decrease the anxiety and lower the stress hormones causing it. People who have mental health problems like depression, stress, and eating disorders have reacted positively to massage therapies. Doctors found that there was a 30% increase in the dopamine and serotonin levels that are necessary for a happy mood. Massage can be responsible for an increase in the neurotransmitters that can make us feel good about us.

    #3. Work-Related Stress

    Whatever the line of work, we all felt pressurized and stressed most of the times. We do not realize it, but our bodies are always tense, with our jaws clenched and our shoulder and neck muscle tension. It is necessary that we unclench those muscles with some soothing therapy like a massage. If you regularly get massage therapy, it can increase your health and stamina. In many organizations, there are massage therapists that provide their services to lower the stress levels and improve the productivity of their employees.

    A research was done where 38 nurses who received chair massages were observed. These people received the massage once a week for ten weeks. It was noted that those health care professionals receiving the massage therapy experienced a significant reduction in stress-related symptoms such as joint and muscle pain, fatigue, headaches, shoulder tension, and insomnia.  A massage break not only feels good and improves morale, but on a wider scale, it can also improve workplace efficiency.

    #4. Promote Energy

    Massage can be very relaxing, and the quick movement of the strokes in a massage can energize any person. This can help increase the concentration and mental sharpness. Office managers have set up such massage therapies in workplace precisely to keep their workers energized and alert. Athletes also use massage to reduce their anxiety and soothe the sore/aching muscles. Doctors have also reported that when some sports massages are done before the event, it can pump up the athletes and fill them with a positive self-image and attitude that they need to win.

    Massage can be very helpful, and it is not only the body that relaxes but our minds as well, and a healthy mind means a healthy body!

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