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    Putting On The Ritz at Your Next Evening Do

    Menswear is quickly outgrowing womenswear, with the industry predicted to develop 2.3% globally compared to a slightly lower (2.2%) growth for female fashion. The statistics reveal the extent to which men are expressing themselves through their style, with Mintel noting that almost 60% of men feel more attractive when they are dressed to the nines. Not only are men fascinated by colour, tailoring, and new materials; they are also revealing the millennial penchant for personalization in everything from office to gala wear. If you have an upcoming evening affair or you simply want to paint the town red in Instagrammable wear, why not take stock of these burning hot style trends?

    More than a Monkey Suit

    GQ’s Teo Van Den Broeke notes that it’s never been a better time to play with dress codes,and that includes black tie affairs. Some men are skipping on ties altogether, while others are paying homage to tradition and wearing a tie or bowtie, but jazzing up their look through bright colors and prints. Have you seen Timothee Chalamet’s stunning ivory Berluti tux and bowtie, which he paired beautifully with black boots at the Oscars, or his amazing Alexander McQueen floral print suit? Designer evening suits exude elegance yet make clearly state that men are no longer bound to the boring tuxedo for evening events. Turn heads at your next gala affair by wearing a bold red or blue tux, and don’t be shy about sporting embroidery or other embellishments.

    A Night at the Casino

    Gone are the days when you had to dress like James Bond to make it through the casino entrance. These days, casino wear has become far more casual, with even dark jeans and a nice or chinos can be spotted at most establishments in traditional casino cities like Las Vegas. Still, if you feel like adding a glamorous touch to the occasion, a smart casual look will work well. Think slim fitting beige dress trousers with a well contoured burgundy or blue blazer. A well-pressed navy shirt and a designer belt, as well as a slightly pointy pair of Oxford shoes will seal the deal and mark you as a man to watch out for on the roulette table.

    Dressing for Your Dream Date

    Nothing beats a well fitting suit to impress the object of your affection, but once again, don’t pull out the office suit for this occasion. A well-fitting blazer with dress trousers in another hue will work well. Forego the tie and opt for a designer T-shirt (make sure it is slightly low-cut) to add a ‘devil-may-care’ feel to your look. Brogues, a good watch, and a belt with a logo that matches your love for luxury will add that magical bit of ‘bling’ that is so often seen on style icons like David Beckham, Ryan Gosling, or Ryan Reynolds.

    Many stylists blame millennials for the more casual vibe we are viewing in everything from office wear to gala suits. However, men who love fashion have surely noticed that you don’t really need to drop an ounce of formality, with the plethora of new prints and colours available for traditional wear such as tuxedos and evening suits. Even a casual night at a club needn’t be too ‘basic’; accessories, a good pair of jeans, and a good designer shirt are all you need to be the talk of the town on a Saturday night.

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