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    8 Good Reasons Why You Need a Therapist!

    There’s nothing wrong in seeking help from a therapist!

    Previously, it was thought that the person who is mentally unfit or who had a nervous breakdown needs a therapist. People poke fun at someone who sees a mental health professional. However, things have changed now.

    A therapist is more than just someone who treats mad people. It’s someone who can help you deal with a range of different issues be it sleep disorders, anxiety, relationship trauma or anything else.

    Why you need a therapist:

    We grew up with the thought that personal things should be kept under the rug and shouldn’t be discussed with anyone. However, this stamp downs emotions thereby culmination myriad of problems. Moreover, as per a study, a therapist helps in managing health conditions even if you are not suffering from any mental ailments.

    Here are some good reasons to show why you need a therapist:

    You Are Suffering From Anxiety:

    When it comes to seeing a psychiatrist, one of the most common and biggest problems people deal with is anxiety.  This disorder can cause physical as well as mental ailments and can affect how we feel and behave. Moreover, it can also cause severe effects on day-to-day living and can also cause physical problems like nausea, high blood pressure.

    Anxiety is of many types, few being: generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), Panic disorder, Social anxiety disorder, Phobia, Post-traumatic stress, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

    Mood Swings:

    While it’s normal to have days when you are overjoyed, or when you feel sad and happy, if you have persistent negative thoughts, you would need a therapist for individual counseling. Continuous negative thoughts are a sign that you are suffering from a mental ailments and your mood swings are reason behind it.

    The professional will understand the cause of rapid changes in your behavior and will help you get to the root of the issue. With them, you can share your thoughts, feelings and other situations in a personal environment. Some common reasons for mood swings are:

    • Mental health condition like bipolar disorder, dysthymia, Major depressive disorder, etc
    • Hormonal changes
    • Use of drugs or alcohol
    • Other health condition

    You Are Dealing With A Significant Change:

    Whether you have plans of a establishing a new business or you are moving to other city, new things are challenging. Although the new change is hard, it can be a torture for the person who cannot adjust. Not only it brings excitement; it will give rise to many unforeseen issues. However, you can talk with someone you trust or can discuss things with a professional.

    Furthermore, this kind of disorder occurs when an individual exceeds its limit of dealing with the problem. The six different types of adjustment orders are:

    • Hopelessness or lack of motivation
    • Excessive worrying
    • Feeling overwhelmed
    • Depression
    • Inability to cope
    • Brain fog

    You Have Suicidal Thoughts:

    If you ever have thought of hurting yourself, immediately see a professional. If you don’t want a therapeutic help, talk with someone you trust. Suicidal thoughts are difficult to deal. While they can be quite fleeting, other times, they can become strong urges that need counseling.

    You might feel like hopeless or powerless like there’s nothing you could do about your life. There might be situations where you are blaming yourself for all the wrong things happened in your life. In such cases, ask help from someone you rely upon. Contact a therapist or a counseling service to help you cope with the situation.

    You Are Feeling Alone:

    People mostly suffer loneliness at some point in life. If you are experiencing the same, you probably need to be social and if it’s about feeling alone when being in social environment, you need a therapist.

    Loneliness is not staying alone; it means the feeling isolated when being in crowd or feeling left-out when you would want to participate or interact with others.

    Researchers indicate that physical changes like increased blood pressure disrupted sleep and increased stress hormones also contribute to the feeling of loneliness. This can hamper your quality of life and can bring negative consequences and health concerns like heart attacks and increased pulse rate.

    You Think You Have A Serious Mental Ailment:

    One of the most severe issues where you need a therapist is when dealing with depression. Depression has affected millions of lives, and can be dangerous if left untreated.

    No matter what age you are, it’s like a slow poison that can affect your life and will make you feel dreaded.

    You Have Irrational Fears:

    Most of us suffer from irrational fears like fear from spiders, or perhaps from a doctor. While for some these fears are minor, it can put bad effects on the people suffering from it. These fears can cause anxiety and can interfere in your healthy life. Phobia is of three types, viz.

    • Social phobia: This causes anxiety in public or social situations
    • Simple fear: It is more related to the fear of specific objects
    • Agoraphobia: It is the fear of being alone in public places.

    When You Are Drinking Alcohol To Cope With Daily Issues:

    People drift to drugs and alcohol when they find it difficult to deal with stressful situations. If you are dealing with the same, it’s the time to reach out for help.

    People usually fail to recognize that relying on drugs (alcohol or any other) can put adverse effects on their work, school, life, and relationships. Although initially, it can relax their mind and body, it will cause anxiety and depression in long run, making it difficult for the people to deal with different situations.

    However, seeking help from a therapist will help you understand the addiction process to help people achieve their goals. It will provide knowledge to the addicted person to make them feel healthy and happy.

    Lots of people avoid talking or sharing personal emotions about a host of different things. This can cause passive aggression and problems like depression, anxiety and much more. However, a therapist will help you understand yourself better and will change your perspective toward life and other people. Moreover, they will help you healthily deal with future curve balls.

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