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    7 Ways to Refresh Your Wardrobe Without Spending a Dime

    How many times have you stared uninspiring into your wardrobe, scanning the pieces you’ve worn day in and day out for weeks–months–years–only to throw your hands up in defeat and declare, “I have nothing to wear!” So what’s a girl to do when faced with such a dilemma? She must have no choice but to go shopping for new, exciting, possibly completely out of her style comfort zone clothing that will help her feel inspired to get dressed in the morning yet again. Right? Well, not exactly.

    It’s hard to pinpoint the exact reason people go on shopping sprees. Emotions like boredom definitely play a part in it, as does insomnia and the need to keep up with the latest trends (thanks a lot, Kardashians). But what if the next time you feel like you truly have nothing to wear, you fought the panicked urge to drop some serious cash on another LBD or pair of distressed skinny jeans and actively reimagined the wardrobe pieces you do have instead?

    We understand that wearing the same outfit rotations can get a little tiresome, but sometimes just swapping out an accessory or wearing a beloved top in a different way can look (and feel) like a whole new outfit. Skeptical? Keep reading for a few tricks of the trade you can try to refresh your look and make it feel like you’re styling a whole new wardrobe without ever spending a dime.

    Utilize Those Accessories

    You’re no stranger to the power a statement necklace or flashy earrings have at elevating an everyday look. But–like our outfit choices–when it comes to accessorizing, we tend to fall back on the same favorite pieces of bling to dress up our go-to style staples. When it comes to breathing new life into an old look, rediscover your accessories by pairing not-so-obvious accessories with your regular outfits.

    Swap out a favorite pendant necklace for a pair of chunky earrings instead. Or forgo the jewelry altogether and rely on a chunky belt, stylish hat or an eye-catching handbag to be the statement piece of your outfit instead. And don’t forget about scarves. Whether worn for warmth during chillier months or style anytime of the year, a scarf around your neck or in your hair could be exactly what you need to add a pop of color and personality to any look.

    Mix And Match

    Feeling blasé about your current wardrobe probably has less to do with the clothing pieces you own and more about how you’re pairing them together. Have fun mixing and matching favorite pieces to create a style you may not have initially considered. Ditch the jeans and T-shirt look and try pairing a sassy tee with some leather leggings instead. Layer a fitted blazer or moto jacket over a floral maxi dress instead of your go-to cardigan. Try separating two-piece sets, wearing the skirt with other complementary (but not matchy matchy) tops. Even adding an unexpected layer like a stylish jacket to a beloved outfit can do wonders for spicing up your look.

    Blend Patterns

    It may sound a little out-there, but sometimes blending patterns can be a great way to make your outfit stand out amongst the crowd. Try wearing snakeskin boots with a leopard print top. Or polka dots with plaid. You can even try wearing thin stripes on chunky stripes if the color pattern and tone are similar. It also doesn’t all have to be in your outfit. Simply toting a patterned handbag is an easy way to play with patterns.  When playing with bold prints and patterns, you’ll want to have some color similarities to maintain one overall cohesive look; otherwise, you may appear as if you got dressed in the dark.

    Consult the Experts

    There’s never any shame in asking for help, especially in the world of fashion. After all, some people just have a knack–an eye if you will–for what works and what doesn’t. Ask a stylish friend to take stock of your closet and pick a few outfits that she thinks would look good on you. You might be surprised at what she picks.

    Stylish Outfit

    Try It Tucked

    Rethinking how we wear our clothes is another easy way to take something drab to fab. Try tucking a blouse into a pair of high-waisted jeans for a fitted, more sophisticated look as opposed to letting it hang loose. Show off your stylish booties or heels by cuffing your jeans from regular to ankle length for a night out on the town. Consider styling a crisp button-down with a messy front tuck into a pencil skirt or simply knotting the bottom of your shirt for an added detail at the waist. Thinking outside of the box to add a few special details here and there can make a big difference with seriously minimal effort.

    Rethink Your Hair and Makeup

    As you know, your personal style isn’t just about the clothes you wear but more the whole package of the look you present to the world. If you’re frustrated with the same-old-same-old coming out of your closet, maybe you can change things up in front of the mirror instead. Try styling your hair differently. If you wear it up most days, try wearing it down with a simple curl at the bottom instead. Or if you’re a wake-up-and-go kind of stylist, look for styles that will get noticed without a lot of work like a high ponytail or sleek bun.

    Wearing a bold lip color or painting your nails is another fun way to add a little pizzazz to your overall appearance. Just remember: If you go big with one aspect of your makeup–like a red lip–try to keep the rest simple to balance it all out.

    Less Could Be More

    It’s easy to feel like your options are limited when pieces you’ve forgotten about are getting shoved in drawers and lost in the back of the closet. Taking the time to purge your closet of the clothing you no longer love–or never did–can lead to you rediscovering the items that you do. Consider creating a capsule wardrobe comprised of similar colors making it easy to mix and match without much thought. It may be hard at first to think about living with less, but in the end, it can actually make life easier.

    Reimagining your wardrobe isn’t easy, but with an open mind and a little practice, you’re sure to find some fresh new looks you’ll love. And for the missing elements you just can’t do without? Turn to your stylish friends for those wardrobe essentials waiting to complete your new look.

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