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    The Latest Saree Styles Rocking the Fashion Circuit

    When it comes to women, they go by a simple formula as far as their sartorial options are concerned, that is, when in doubt, wear a saree and when not in doubt, well, wear a saree! Yes, women depend on this timeless garment as if their life depends on it. If you want to look glamorous, wear a saree, if you want to look traditional wear a saree and if you want to flaunt your hourglass figure wear a saree! But do you know which saree is for which occasion? Find out! Shop the latest collection of designer sarees online and fill your wardrobe with the latest and the best gorgeous saree collection ever.

    Different kinds of Sarees

    The market is flooded with a variety of sarees fit for all kinds of occasions you can think of. Select one which suits your body type and your preference and you are pretty much good to go!

    #1. Party Wear Sarees

    If you have a party coming up and you simply do not know what to wears breathe easy and wear a saree. There are umpteen variations of the humble saree. Glitzy, sequined, patterned you just have to take your pick and you’re settled. Party wears sarees come with ornate embroidery designs and some work which adds another dimension to your nine yards wonder.

    #2. Designer Sarees

    Designer sarees are coming with their own quirks and characteristics, like a cape blouse, a train to look like a gown, a saree which looks a saree but blended beautifully with western influences to look like a gown, so a blend of western and eastern influences. There are varied designer sarees online to choose from.

    #3. Printed Sarees

    Wear printed sarees which are the latest designs to hit the bandwagon. The prints can be as varied from being inspired from comic prints to prints of your favorite celebrities. Stretch your imagination to the furthest side of the radar and you get one beautiful saree which looks out of this world.

    #4. Floral Sarees

    Think summer, and immediately floral patterns come to your mind. There is something very refreshing about floral prints. Sorbet-hued sarees decked by floral prints, especially on flowy fabrics like georgette and chiffons gives your sarees a lovely touch. So give floral sarees a serious consideration in the summer season.

    #5. Bridal Sarees

    Bridal sarees are another option which all fashionistas must consider. Bridal sarees are characterized by bright colors, heavy embellishments, rich work, giving it an ethereal look. It looks graceful and takes your beauty to unimaginable heights. Wear an embellished blouse to further enhance your saree. Blouses with sheer panels and shimmery fabrics blend in the right dose of glamour to your classic saree. Beautify it with a dose of sparkle and shine and you are sure to spread the magic dust of fame, fantasy, and fashion.

    #6. Cotton Sarees

    Cotton sarees or handloom sarees have an important place in a woman’s wardrobe and gone are those days when women find that cotton sarees are way too plain jane to wear to formal occasions. Actually, cotton sarees are now being donned by celebrities to hotshot parties. A few days back I saw a famous actress donning a tie and dye saree to a very glamorous party. She did not blend in with the rest of the party brigade but just stood out with her amazing sartorial choice. She paired it with a sporty red crop top and the look was discussed many days down the line.

    #7. All things quirky and fun

    While sarees boast of an innate traditionalism, they now have been upgraded to modern fun versions that cater to the eclectic taste of the modern woman today. Youngsters today love the idea of concept sarees. Like wearing a pant styled saree, saree draped over a crop top and pants, dhoti saree, saree gown the works. The look is very chic, yet there is a fun element added to it. The fun draping style adds the drama and women can’t have enough of this modern take on traditional saree. Also, it is so much more comfortable to carry off. The saree acts like a dupatta, wear it to the next party you go it and you are sure to get flooded with compliments by one and all.

    Sarees now have upped the glamor quotient with beautiful designs, awesome textures, and dreamy fabrics. It is like a chameleon because it transforms your look the way you want it! So, one day if you want to look like a Bollywood diva, put on a glamorous saree and your Bollywood avatar will be the talking point over the clink of exotic drinks.

    You are in a fierce mood and want to give a fierce competition to your pant-suited colleague, wear a saree to stun all. Again if there is a festive occasion coming up and you need to look your traditional best wear your traditional saree and enthrall the onlookers who cannot get their jaws together after they see you. A saree is a universal garment and it can make you look effortlessly beautiful, isn’t it reason enough to start going on a saree-shopping spree?

    Yes, it certainly is! Pick from the myriad of fabric available and shop according to the occasion and of course your style and body type and the weather too. Can you imagine wearing a heavy kanjeevaram on a sultry afternoon to a brunch? Well, I can’t for an occasion like these I would prefer my aquamarine blue linen saree any day. I would pair it with my off shoulder flared-sleeved crop top and a quirky clutch and I’m good to go. Well, I won’t forget my clear strappy heels either. For earring, I would go for my shoulder dusters! Ah! My summer look-book with a saree is ready!

    So, what’s your favorite look in a saree? Which kind of saree do you prefer? Silk traditional ones or light modern sarees which you can easily wear from work to party! Let us know in the comments section below.

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