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    Top 20 Style Tips Every Guy Should Know

    In this new era of Tinder and selfies, looking after your appearance is no longer just a woman’s domain. Modern men spend hours agonizing over the newest style trends and it can be daunting trying to keep up with the latest fad. Below we’ve outlined the top 20 style tips every guy should know, so you don’t get left behind in the dust.

    #1. Get your sizing right – Clothes that fit your body in the correct way will look instantly better than those that don’t. Take time to get to know your measurements and find the right styles for your body shape.

    #2. Never buy before you try! – Always try clothes on in the store before buying them to avoid any embarrassing style mishaps and utilize the assistant’s opinions, more often than not they have an eye for style.

    #3. They look awesome? Buy Two! – Avoid the heartbreak of losing or damaging your best fitting item by purchasing two so you have a back-up.

    #4. Buy a signature blazer – Every man should have a great blazer that is a go-to for adding a chic touch to a casual outfit.

    #5. Buying a suit? Avoid Black – Simply choosing a Navy or charcoal suit will instantly add a touch of style to your formal wear.

    #6. Avoid gym clothes – Unless you’re in the gym of course. The clue is in the name, right?

    #7. If in doubt, couple a shirt with a sweater – The shirt and sweater combo is a simple way to add a touch of style and is complementary to almost any body shape.

    #8. Don’t be afraid of color – A flash of color amongst your dark tones can add style and personality to your outfit.

    #9. Have fun with your socks – An exciting sock choice can add a hint of personality in even the most formal situations.

    #10. No, your sneakers don’t go with anything – Although a nice pair of sneakers compliments some outfits, they are not as versatile as some men think, which leads me onto…

    #11. Know your shoes – It’s important to have a nice selection of shoes for any occasion. Nothing ruins an outfit like the wrong pair of shoes.

    #12. Keep your shoes clean – There’s no excuse for dirty shoes, and if your shoes aren’t clean, they’ll stand out and ruin your style.

    #13. Keep your wardrobe up to date – Invest in a few new staple pieces each season to create new combinations which are on-trend.

    #14. Shop for your height – Not everything you see will look great on you. If you’re really tall, shop accordingly or you’ll end up with unintentional ankle grazers – CRINGE!

    #15. Co-ordinate your accessories – Belts and shoes should always match. This is an easy way to show people that you are taking care when choosing your outfits – and it looks great!

    #16. Dress up with a nice watch – A watch is a great staple for any man’s wardrobe, and the right watch oozes class.

    #17. Shades in summer – Invest in a classic pair of shades to dress up in the summer. This will add style and you’ll look better if you’re not squinting in the sun.

    #18. Your hair is important – If you spend a little extra on your haircut, your stylist will recommend the right styles and products to keep your hair looking great.

    #19. Dress like you – Your style should complement your personality and your fashion choices are a great way to show people what you like.

    #20. Your confidence is your most important accessory – If you take the time to style yourself and take pride in your appearance, own it. Confidence is very appealing in any man and will be the perfect accessory for your awesome outfit.

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