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    The Best Places To Buy HGH Injections

    Human Growth Hormone or HGH, as many call it, is a major type of hormone needed for an overall healthy body. And the only way you can take it safely into the body is through injections.

    An HGH injection is a controlled substance which is only available to those individuals with growth hormone deficiency and a prescription. There are hundreds to thousands of online drugstores today which sells HGH injections. But you need to be cautious when buying online since there are high cases of pharmacy scams than reliable and authentic pharmacies selling HGH.

    Buying Human Growth Hormone Injections Online: What You Need To Know

    As I have mentioned before, the human growth hormone or HGH is a controlled substance in most countries, particularly in the United States. The FDA only approved growth hormone injections for those who suffer growth hormone deficiency and other related illnesses.

    Thus, getting growth hormone injections for its anti-aging effects and bodybuilding purposes is not part of the FDA deal, and therefore, is illegal!

    The only way for you to obtain a growth hormone injections for non-medical conditions id through online drugstores and pharmacies in the gray area of law. Most of these online stores are scams, either selling counterfeits or targeting to steal your credit card information.

    The Best Types of Growth Hormone Injections for Sale

    HGH is a protein which consists of 1911 amino acids. Somatrem is an analogous substance that produces the same effects as growth hormone.

    Presently, a growth hormone injection that contains pure 191 amino acids growth hormone is manufactured in:

    • China
      • Hypertropin manufactured by NeoGenica BioScience Ltd.
      • Hygetropin manufactured by Hygene Biopharm Co., Ltd.
      • Ansomone – Somatrem produced by Anhui Anke Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
      • Jintropin manufactured by Gensci Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
    • Iran
      • Dynatrope manufactured by Aburaihan Pharmaceutical Company
    • Austria
      • Omnitrope produced by Sandoz
    • Sweden
      • Nutropin and Genotropin produced by Pfizer International Corporation (These are the HGH injections which you can buy exclusively in the US)
    • Denmark
      • Norditropin manufactured by Novo Nordisk
    • Switzerland
      • Zorbtive (only for sale in the US)
    • USA, France
      • Humatrope produced by Eli Lilly and Lilly France

    Generally, the main manufacturer and producer of growth hormone injections are China. Such drugs come in medium quality and of lowest prices. If you want high-quality growth hormone injections, then it is best to buy growth hormone injections for sale in the United States or Europe.

    How is Human Growth Hormone Manufactured?

    The very first synthetic growth hormone was released in the year 1985.

    HGH is synthesized in a lab using recombinant DNA tech. Such tech allows scientist to clone the complex 191 amino acid hormone, accurately. The manufactured synthetic growth hormone should be bio-equivalent to the human growth hormone that is naturally produced by our pituitary gland.

    Today, recombinant DNA synthesized growth hormone is largely available, manufactured, produced and sold by numerous pharmaceutical companies— the most popular of which are Humatrope and Norditropin.

    Growth Hormone Injection Correct Dosage

    The dosage of a growth hormone injection is measured in IU or International Units. One milligram of growth hormone is equivalent to 3IU. In terms of growth hormone injections, there is no fixed dosage.

    Each dose is customized based on the purpose of the treatment, a patient’s medical condition, and other factors. For anti-aging therapy, most professional typically prescribe around 2IU per session.

    Is It Legal To Buy A Growth Hormone Injection Online?

    Because the human growth hormone is a controlled substance and a prescription medication, many people wonder if it is legal to buy it online. In terms of looking for growth hormone injections for sale, you have 2 basic choices:

    1. To get a prescription and buy growth hormone injections legally
    2. Ditch the prescription and purchase growth hormone injections illegally

    Although injections are usually prescribed by the doctor after checking the results of your medical examinations and blood test, it is absolutely legal to buy a growth hormone injection on reputable and reliable online pharmacies.

    Choose HGH Vallarta: The Best Place To Buy HGH Injections

    The human growth hormone is a medication which you can easily get your hands on from a number of online pharmacies. However, keep in mind that there are hundreds of online pharmacies out there that targets newbies with contaminated or counterfeit growth hormone injections. Also, they might want to steal your credit card information when making a purchase, leaving you with nothing. Therefore, it is best to be extremely cautious when you buy growth hormone injections online.

    Mostly, it is advisable to buy HGH online from reputable and well-established online pharmacies for high-quality growth hormone. If you choose for an unpopular or new online drugstore, then you might put yourself at greater risk. But, you can do some research about the pharmacy you are considering and see where it stands with previous customer reviews and Scam Analyzing sites.

    But, if you want a safe buy, then we highly recommend that you buy a growth hormone injection from HGH Vallarta. We have good reputation and high-quality growth hormone products at reasonable prices, as well as hundreds of customer reviews to prove our reputation. Check this website to see what we are talking about.

    HGH Vallarta has been around for quite some time and we have a firm quality control measure and also close ties with some of the pharmaceutical regulating boards so you can be assured that you are only getting the best and effective medications.

    Here at HGH Vallarta, we do not sacrifice quality over quantity. Our transactions are much secured, shipping is prompt and our customer service team is always on standby to attend to your call.

    Improving your health should not be a strenuous task. And with our services and high-quality growth hormone products, we are definitely committed to improving your overall health without any ulterior moves in mind.


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