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    From Your Heart to Theirs: The Magic of Personalised Gifting

    40% of individuals return gifts that they receive based on a survey conducted by RedStag Fulfillment. It is never a good feeling to consider that your gift may not get the appreciation and value that want so this is when the extra legwork comes in. As we are at that time of the year where people rush to buy gifts for their friends and loved ones, it is important to note which gifts leave a lasting impact. If you really want your presents to stand out, it would be wise to give thought to personalising the gifts you give.

    Why Choose to Personalise Gifts

    Gifts are ideally about showing someone how much you appreciate them or you are giving thanks for something they’ve done. There are a lot of reasons why people return or exchange gifts and one of them is a disconnect of value based on obligation. The paper “Thanks, I Guess: What Consumers Complain About When They Complain About Gifts” by Deborah Cohn established that idea. Most generic gifts like a T-shirt or food can come off as something obligatory and not selected specifically for the receiver.

    Personalising the gifts that you give immediately obliterate that sentiment. A personalised gift emphasizes the care and the thought that you’ve taken to find an item that you think they would truly value. It lets the receiver feel recognized and assures them that they were foremost in the thoughts of the giver.

    What Can You Personalise?

    One of the best things about personalising gifts is that you have a significant amount of choices before you. There is a great market to choose from and you can even help out your local economy by choosing to buy from local businesses. You can always go with comfortable things like mugs so they are both functional and made to reflect the tastes of the recipient. One of the best gifts are those that share cherished memories with another and you can achieve this best with a carefully curated photo collage. It’s a thoughtful gift and a truly personal one as well; it also helps a lot that there are several inexpensive options that can help you create it.

    Jewellery remains to be a very popular choice for gifts and you can make them even more valuable with a personalised touch. You can add a dedication to a small area like the back of a pendant or the insides of a ring or bracelet so the recipient will always remember who it’s from. Creating something on your own like a photo album, an embroidered accessory, or even printing out a calendar for the New Year works, too.

    Taking into account the personality of the giver and the receiver removes the disconnect that often occurs in gift giving. Ultimately, what counts the most is the time and effort that you spend creating something memorable for the recipient of your gift. Creativity counts for a lot so you can take this chance to try out different methods to add your personal touch unto the gifts that you wish to give out. Then you can sit back and enjoy the smiles and the joy that lights up the face of the one who opens your personalised gift.

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