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    The Ultimate Guide to Becoming an Instagram Blogger

    It seems that everyone wants to be an Instagram blogger or influencer these days. If it’s your dream job, you should know that it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of dedication, patience and consistency, so be prepared to put in the effort!

    Here are six things you can do to become an Instagram blogger and grow your brand and following online.

    Choose your niche

    What do you want to blog about or be known for? This will likely be whatever you’re passionate about, whether it be fashion, beauty, travel, or anything else.

    Although you likely have many hobbies, people will follow you for a specific reason – your niche. Specializing will help you strengthen your engagement and find a loyal audience. If you’re too general in what you post about, you won’t hold enough interest, particularly for brands.

    Create high-quality Instagram posts.

    Blurry or poorly-lit photos simply won’t attract anyone. You can create beautiful images using only your smartphone if you put in a little effort. Educate yourself on angles, lighting and composition, or ask one of your photographer friends to shoot some of your pics.

    That being said, high quality Instagram posts are more than just high quality photos. Write a caption that adds to the image or tells a compelling story. Also, don’t forget to utilize the right hashtags and include the location when relevant.

    Collaborate with other influencers

    Covert Lane explains that successful fashion influencers often network with other influencers similar to them. Not only can you create awesome content together, but you’ll develop strong relationships and be exposed to the other influencer’s audience.

    Covert Lane is a fashion and travel blog that brings its fans unusual pieces they always love. You’ll find curious statement pieces ranging from jewelry to homewares and everything in between.

    Define a theme for your feed

    What kind of vibe do you want your feed to portray? Classic black-and-white, a low-fi film feel, or super colorful and vibrant?

    Download some photo editing apps to figure out your go-to filters, then stick to them in order to have a cohesive-looking feed. If you suddenly post an image that just doesn’t match the rest, it will definitely stand out, and not in a good way.

    Post consistently

    Posting regularly helps your engagement tremendously. It doesn’t have to be three times per day, but if you post a few times per week, you’ll begin to end up at the top of everyone’s feeds.

    Use the carousel feature if you want to post more than one image. Posting two or three in a row can be considered spammy.

    Engage, engage, engage

    Engagement is key on Instagram. You could have a million followers and it won’t matter if no one is interacting with your content.

    Boost your own engagement by replying to comments, responding to DMs, posting polls in your stories, going live, and asking questions in your caption.

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