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    Three Meals That Work for any Celebration

    Whether it be New Year, Valentine’s Day, Christmas or any other special occasion, we have your menu covered. These five knockout meals are sure to make anyone’s mouth water and fill their stomachs to the brim. The well rounded and impressive meals are applicable for all occasions, so get your sleeves up and start cooking.

    Roast Chicken:

    There are multiple ways to cook roast chicken especially depending on your culture however we are going to go for the classic roast chicken. It is a great dish which everyone can enjoy, honestly, it is a lifesaver especially on occasions like family dinners etc.

    The process of cooking this great dish takes around 1 hour and 40 minutes max and one chicken can feed around four to five people so great for little get-togethers.

    An onion, two carrots, a whole chicken, lemon, thyme and around 25 grams of butter are all the ingredients you need to whip up a succulent roast chicken.

    Like the ingredients, the process is quite simple as well. You should start by chopping up your onion and two carrots and laying them on the chicken tray. Then move on to seasoning your chicken with salt and pepper, stuff it with your lemon which will be cut up in two halves and then top it off with thyme. After all, that you put your chicken on the tray and stick it in your preheated oven and within the duration of an hour and 20 mins your superb chicken will be ready to dig into.

    You can accompany your roast chicken with whatever side dishes float your boat whether it is.

    Lamb Chops:

    Lamb chops like the roast chicken is a succulent dish and are great for any occasion especially when it is someone’s birthday or if you are having a BBQ, this delicious delicacy will have everyone fighting for the last bite. There are many different styles of making lamb chops as it is a common dish in many cuisines, a popular dish made amongst Muslim South Asians during the celebration of Eid ul-Adha, and a great snackable when watching football.

    The process for making lamb chops is a longer than chicken as it is thicker meat. This easy Greek styled lamb chops will have you wanting more, the simple ingredients you need are the lamb chops, olive oil, oregano lemon juice and garlic and that is it, simple but an amazing combination.

    Mix these ingredients together and marinate the lamb chops with it, leave for around an hour. Then oil up your pan and start grilling this scrumptious meal and enjoy!

    You can accompany the lamb chops with chips or even rice depending on your preference for an even more scrumptious and filling meal, something that many Muslim families will have done as they marked celebrations for Eid al-Adha 2021.

    Homemade Pizza:

    The sound of homemade pizza warms up my heart immensely, the fresh smell and delicious toppings make it one of my favorite dishes. Traditionally Italian however as it is a homemade pizza you can create it be however you desire. Pizza is a great sharing dish which brings people together, great for when you have friends or family over and for any birthday or other occasion.

    Sometimes I like a meat feat pizza and other days I enjoy a simple classic cheese pizza, today I will tell you how to make a simple and easy Margherita pizza however you can interpret this as a basis required to make any type of pizza of your choice.

    Ingredients you will need starting off with the base are strong bread flour, yeast, salt and olive oil, measurements differ on your size. The tomato base sauce consists of passata, fresh and dried basil and crushed garlic. Finally, for the topping, you will need to slice up a ball of mozzarella, grate some parmesan and add some cut up cherry tomatoes and stick it in the oven to bake and afterwards you can sit back and enjoy.

    You can add more topping if you choose to and add some chips as a side dish for extra flavour to this dish.

    I hope these meals can come in handy the next time you have a special occasion.

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