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    13 Important Tips for Travelling with Family

    Travelling with family is a unique experience. It is a great opportunity to spend quality time together away from the distractions of normal life. Shared experiences forge deeper bonds and also help discover each other. In India traditionally most families head for a family vacations when the kids have their holidays. This is usually during the summer months or during the Christmas or Diwali holidays.

    There is a lot of difference between travelling solo and travelling with family. The responsibilities are more and though it is an enjoyable experience the challenges too are more. Here are some tips that will help in making  the family vacation a memorable experience to cherish for a lifetime. Never mind if you are going on holiday to Switzerland or hopping on to one of the Delhi to Kolkata flights after confirming your Delhi to Kolkata flight booking. These hacks are bound to stand you in good stead.

    #1. Book in Advance

    It is always convenient to have everything booked in advance so that your trip proceeds like clockwork. Be it your return flights, hotels, transfers, attractions, make sure you have everything planned and booked in advance as far as possible.

    #2. Have an Itinerary

    Before you step out of your house, have a fair idea and at the least a broad road map of what your activities are right from the moment you step out till you return back to your home.

    #3. Do Your Research

    It makes sense to keep surprises to the minimum. Research your destination beforehand for transportation options, sights and activities, cost of living, and food options. If you are a vegetarian and heading to a destination where food is predominantly non-vegetarian find out restaurants that serve vegetarian fare as this will be very helpful when you get there.

    #4. Don’t’ Forget the Essential Documents

    Ensure that you are carrying all necessary documents like identity cards, passports, and visas for all the family members and they are stored in a safe place. There is nothing like a lost passport in a foreign country to create panic and unnecessary stress.

    #5. Don’t Forget Travel Insurance

    If you are travelling to a foreign country make sure you are covered with insurance. Some countries have this as a mandatory requirement, however even if it is not, make sure that you have travel insurance and the entire family is covered. This will save you major hassles and expenses in case of any untoward incident.

    #6. Be Receptive and Enjoy

    Travel is a great education and entertainment. Enjoy and learn with the kids. Learn about new cultures and appreciate the differences with your own. Do not make judgements, but try to understand other cultures and their way of life.

    #7. Have a City Map or GPS App Handy

    When you are in a new city ensure that you use a map so that you do not get lost. Nowadays the availability of GPS apps makes it a lot easier to navigate through a new location very conveniently.

    #8. Travel Safe

    While there is no need to be paranoid be aware of your surroundings and be wary of scamsters. Take care of your belongings and kids and do not leave them alone anywhere. Do not venture into unknown areas after dark and also be aware of the political situation of the place that you are visiting. It is always prudent to have the important contact numbers handy.

    #9. Travel Light

    Though when you travel with the family there are many things that you need to pack which makes it difficult to travel light, do pack judiciously and carry only that many pieces of baggage that all of you can manage together.

    #10. Carry Some amount of Extra Cash

    Carry a contingency fund in cash to take care of sudden emergencies. You may be in a situation where you need to pay by cash and your card is not accepted. Or you may be in a situation where you lose your wallet. Keep the extra cash in different bags.

    #11. Keep The Kids Engaged

    There is nothing more depressing than a kid sulking or throwing a tantrum during a holiday. So ensure to keep them happy and engaged. Pack some games or reading material which will keep them engaged during this long waits in airport lounges.

    #12. Take Care of Your Health

    A very important aspect to focus on when travelling with the family is health. Kids are more susceptible to allergies or infections. Be careful when it comes to eating and drinking. Drink only mineral water and avoid tap water. Enjoy the local cuisine but ensure it is hygenic. Also have a fully equipped medical kit handy at all times.

    #13. Take a Lot of Pictures

    Enjoy your travels and take a lot pictures. These are memories that will be treasured by every member of the family and the moments relived again and again.

    Family travel is a great experience, so ensure that it goes of smoothly and remains etched in your memory for a long time. These hacks will go a long way in helping you enjoy your family vacation to the hilt.

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