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    Dos And Don’ts Tips When You Are Traveling Japan

    Are you travelling to Japan? The land of the rising sun is on every traveler’s wish list and that too for reasons more than one. Japan is culture rich country with abundance of natural beauty. It is a country with festivals, cuisines and entertainment of its own kind, centuries old heritage, a history of survival and progress and a unique sense of life and living.

    If Japan is your destination, exploration is a must and so is some shopping. Here we enlist some of the dos and don’ts when you are travelling to Japan and you should follow them for an experience of a lifetime.

    Embrace the Culture

    Japan is a country with a beautiful culture, it is a civilization which has groomed over centuries and through varies sorts of times. They not only have their own language and food but a system of etiquettes and a complete code of life. If you are traveling to Japan, be open to truly connect with the Japanese people and make your experience special, consider starting to learn Japanese. Even mastering a few basic phrases can go a long way in facilitating communication and demonstrating your genuine interest. Saying “hello” and expressing gratitude in their language not only shows respect but also opens doors to authentic Japanese hospitality. Additionally, take the time to observe and adopt some of their customs and etiquette. The way they show respect and communicate through subtle gestures is a beautiful and enriching experience that deepens your connection with this remarkable culture. So, why not begin your journey today by learning the basics of Japanese?

    Keep It Clean

    Cleanliness is a core principle of the Japanese lifestyle. It is practiced religiously in the country. Never litter on the roads, in the parks or wherever you are because the Japanese disapprove of it, it is against heir basic discipline in life. Aside being known for their diligence, they make an example for basic life discipline especially in terms of cleanliness. If you are in Japan, do as the Japanese do and always keep it clean.

    Karaoke Is Just So Japanese

    Have you heard of Karaoke? Never miss a visit to a Japanese Karaoke booth if you are travelling to the country. If you are missing out on it, you are missing out on some real Japanese culture of the modern age. All these booths are private so you can do whatever you want, jam to live. Just be sure, nobody puts you on the YouTube, that would be some fun for the viewers globally then. Karaoke is what the Japanese do to cut some slack and steal a break from life but for a tourist, it is just a bit too Japanese to be missed out on, our word is absolute on this!

    Keep the Shoe Laces Loose

    In a traditional Japanese house, the floors are covered with the Tatami mats. There is minimal furniture and these mats are used for sitting or sleeping. You should prepare yourself to take off your shoes and put them on while you wander about. You should not take your muddy shoes and rub them on a Tatami mat, that’s just not like the way it should be. Be prepared to keep taking off and putting back on your shoes so keep the laces loose if you must.

    Sushi is Sushi

    Do not miss out on any traditional Japanese cuisine, certainly not the Sushi. We are not going to say anything in this regard but only on thing, if you miss then you will regret it for life. Sushi is Sushi, the Japanese food is the Japanese food and there is nothing like it anywhere in the world. Period.

    Oh, You Can’t Drink Out A Japanese

    It’s a caution! It really is! Don’t you think of getting into a drinking competition with a Japanese no matter how much of an alcohol flirt you have been, you just can’t make love with it the way the Japanese do. Better not try to be a hero, that’s for your own safety you see!

    What’s Japanese if not Kimono?

    The Japanese kimono is one piece of clothing you must try on once in your lifetime. It’s just worth it and if you are in Japan, you better get one before it’s too late. Enough said!

    Go Luxurious in the Market, Go Watch Shopping!

    If you ever need to buy yourself a genuine, reliable and value for money accessory, get yourself a luxury watch especially Japanese brands like Casio watches or seiko presage, when you travel to Japan. These watches are hundred percent genuine and you can get them for reasonable prices from tax-free luxury watch vendors in the biggest and the most expensive cities of the country as well. You can find the brands, models, designs and whatever you are looking for, just step into some duty-free watch selling outlet and get yourself the best accessory there is to get. It’s one Do that you shouldn’t miss out, a keepsake for life it would be.

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