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    Top 5 Celebrity Surgeries Gone Wrong

    Everyone wants to look perfect, and in this struggle,  people get surgeries or procedures done on themselves to achieve their desirable looks. In this hunger to be perfect, people overlook the dangers of cosmetic plastic surgeries and the dangers of selecting the wrong surgeons. Due to the procedures going wrong, many times, clients end up suing their surgeons for having ruining their faces forever. Therefore, if you ever find yourself or someone you know facing a situation like this, I would recommend you reach out to Attorney Stewart Cohen to help you with your case. Moving on, I decided to make a list of five celebrity surgeries that went wrong, to give you a little insight on what a little oversight can do.

    Mickey Rourke

    From a heartthrob to a surgery disaster. Mickey Rourke’s botched surgery left his fans in shock. Mickey’s boxing career left him needing reconstructive surgery for his face but the result just made things worse for him. Many surgeons believed that Rourke had a facelift in addition to the reconstructive surgery, and had implants in his cheekbones and chin as well. The star himself had insisted that his surgeries were for medical reasons and not cosmetic ones. Rourke also publicly admitted that he went to the “wrong guy” and that his features were “a mess” because of his surgeon.

    Michael Jackson

    One of the most popular celebrity surgeries that went drastically wrong was the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. The changes to the star’s face were extreme. From a changed skin tone to a visibly narrow and lifted nose, Michael Jackson’s face became unrecognizable. He looked like a completely different person. He had six nose surgeries, the first one being unsuccessful, which led to the star having difficulty breathing. Michael Jackson had broken his nose during a dance routine in 1979, which required him to get a nose surgery. Due to the failure of the first surgery, he got a second surgery in 1981, to help him with his breathing difficulties.

    Jocelyn Wildenstein

    The Swiss-born American socialite, Jocelyn Wildenstein, is another example of a series of extremely disastrous plastic surgeries. She underwent numerous surgeries that resulted in her very unnatural and catlike appearance, earning her nicknames such as “Catwoman” and “The Lion Queen”. Rumors suggested that the socialite had spent $4 million on plastic surgery. Regardless of how unusual Wildenstein looks, she claims to have gotten exactly what she wanted and feels beautiful.

    Donatella Versace

    In the case of the vice president of Versace, when we look at her face, her long white blonde hair is probably the only visibly consistent feature. Donatella Versace’s face underwent many changes over the years with her lips becoming puffier and her face looking more and more stretched to almost a waxy look. Donatella never really talked about the changes to her face and never addressed whether or not she is happy with the obvious surgeries.

    Priscilla Presley

    The former wife of the famous Elvis Presley underwent a Botox procedure that was done by an unlicensed doctor. She admitted to having (unknowingly) had a low-grade silicone injected into her face that caused lumps and then resulted in partial paralysis in her face. The doctor was investigated and ultimately imprisoned for his malpractice.

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