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    Top East Coast City Breaks

    Sometimes a full holiday is just not on the cards. If you feel like you want to get away for a little while without committing to the stress of a full holiday, you should consider heading out on a city break. They only need be as long as a single weekend and can provide fun and adventure whether you are visiting an old haunt or somewhere new. Let’s take a look at some of the best places to visit on the East Coast.


    Let’s start strong, by mentioning a city which is technically Midwestern and not East Coast. However, Chicago is perfectly positioned to be reached by many visitors from elsewhere in the USA, Canada, and beyond. If you are looking for the ideal weekend getaway in Chicago, you can book a flight with Porter Airlines here.

    Spend some time catching a free concert in Millennium Park and grab the perfect Instagram by the Cloud Gate or the Crown Fountain. The bravest travellers can also head up to the Willis Tower Skydeck which places you in a glass box over the side of the building itself; on the clearest days you can see across four states and up to 50 miles away! Baseball fans should head to Wrigley Field while theatre lovers can find plays at the Steppenwolf Theatre Company nearly every night of the week.

    Hungry? Tuck into some of the famous Chicago-style deep-dish pizza or a Chicago hot dog with all the toppings. If you fancy something else, head to one of the many Italian restaurants in the city. Italian Village is the rumoured birthplace of Chicken Alfredo and is also one of the oldest restaurants in the city.

    New York

    The Big Apple has so much to do that we won’t blame you if you want to take an entire week there instead of just a weekend. From living out Sex and the City and Gossip Girl fantasies to exploring some iconic locations everywhere around the city, New York will never run out of things to see.

    One tip we love is to take the Staten Island ferry instead of heading to the Statue of Liberty. You will get amazing views across the water, including of Lady Liberty herself, and you will pay way less that you could expect to if you were heading to Liberty Island. Kick back in the evening and see a Broadway show. There’s always plenty to see, from classics like Chicago and Phantom of the Opera, to new cult favourites like Hamilton. For a more sombre visit, head to Ground Zero and the National 9/11 Memorial.

    When it comes to food, New York is one of the best places to be! You have got to grab a slice of authentic Italian-style New York pizza while here. Head to a bodega to grab bacon, egg and cheese for a fantastic albeit greasy breakfast.

    Washington D.C.

    The capital of the United States of America is a must for every history nut. This city might be small compared to the behemoths of New York and Los Angeles but it carries just as much cultural and historical significance within its city boundaries.

    The White House Tour is free of charge and the tours fill on a first-come-first-served basis. Contact your Member of Congress for help getting on the tour, or your country’s embassy if you are from a foreign country. You should also check out the Lincoln Memorial and any of the Smithsonian Museums.

    When it comes to food, there is a little bit of everything in DC. Le Diplomate is a French-style restaurant which regularly tops the best places to eat while Ted’s Bulletin at Capitol Hill has doughnuts and all-day breakfast burritos guaranteed to make your mouth water.


    One of the oldest cities in the US and one of the best places to visit for a real taste of America in the time of the Founding Fathers. Walk the Freedom Trail from the Boston Common to Charlestown past 16 historical monuments. You should also check out Fenway Park and a Red Sox game if you can.

    The academically inclined among you might want to take a trip out of the city to Harvard University. Take a tour and soak in the sites of this beautiful campus. Otherwise, head north to Salem, home of the Witch Trials. You can find out a lot about what happened here and the trials themselves.

    For food, you should definitely consider grabbing some Boston cream pie for a sweet treat, and clam chowder and lobster rolls.


    We’re talking about Springfield, Massachusetts, here as opposed to one of the many other Springfields around the country. Why visit this town? Simply because, in 1291, the game of basketball was invented! Any NBA-nut is going to want to stop by here so they can visit the Basketball Hall of Fame.Any NBA-nut is going to want to stop by here so they can visit the Basketball Hall of Fame. If time allows you can even get some NBA tickets and head about 1 hour east to see a Celtics game at the Boston Garden.

    It isn’t just about the basketball here. This town is also the hometown of renowned children’s author Dr Seuss. If you are a fan of the Lorax or even if you are just a bit too Grinchy, you are bound to find plenty to love here. Check out the Memorial Sculpture Garden for everything you could ever want. You should also head to the Science Museum to see the life-size T-Rex and the USA’s first planetarium.

    Springfield might not be known for specific dishes like some of the other cities on this list but that doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy some great food. Whether it is barbeque or some authentic Italian straight from the Old World, there is plenty for you to dig into here. Head to Mom & Rico’s Speciality market for an amazing buffet of delicious pasta dishes.

    New Orleans

    Don’t just think of the North when considering the best cities to visit in the States. Come on down to Louisiana and New Orleans! This city is tremendous fun all year round, not just during Mardi Gras, and they are always welcoming to the new folks.

    Be sure to check out the liveliness of Bourbon Street and then head to one of the other jazz clubs scattered around if you want something a little more laid back. You can also take an occult tour or a true crime tour to learn about some of the darker aspects of this vibrant city’s history.

    When it comes to food, there is nothing like the food down in New Orleans. Grab yourself a hearty plate of signets in the morning and the grab gumbo, jambalaya or Po-boy to keep you going throughout the day.

    These are just some of the amazing places you could visit on the East Coast. Perfect for a city break or something longer, you never know what you might discover if you decide to visit them. Take a look at some of the places you could visit and decide which one is best for you. From culture to sport, and more, there is always something new to see.

    Where would you like to visit most based in this list? Have a little plan and then start thinking about how to pull off your first city break to one of these cities. You won’t regret it!

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