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    The Top Fashion Instagram Accounts To Follow Now

    Gone are the days when Facebook was the only platform where people spent hours and hours scrolling the news feeds and liking the photos and videos. Now is the time when other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter are ruling the online world and there is no doubt in the fact that currently Instagram is on top when it comes to a higher user engagement.

    Today this article is all going to be about Instagram because again, this platform has a lot of hype at the moment and if you are someone new to it then you definitely need to give this article a read.

    Instagram is the best application so far that cannot only help you connect with one another, in fact, it can keep you updated on a lot of social situations around you. Just like Facebook and Twitter, here on Instagram you can learn a lot of new things and know about the latest fashion trends etc because this application is all about pictures and videos. Instagram marketing is also quite famous at the moment and a lot of businesses are using it for branding purposes. In fact, people now even get Instagram photo likes just to build a solid presence of their company on the site.

    Now, if you are a fashionista who just loves to know and learn about the latest fashion trend then ladies and gentlemen, you’ve got to get your hands on Instagram as soon as possible because here you will find several accounts to follow and learn fashion from.

    #1. Mabel McVey

    She is one of the most famous old R&B singers with quite a huge following. Her music is not the only thing you should listen in fact, her dressing sense, especially her ultimate Nineties-inspired outfits are something to die for. On her account you will find some really cute family pictures with her mum and Neneh Cherry. Mostly, you will come across her pictures and videos in her studio but again, beware because she is a total fashionista of 2018.

    #2. Hari Nef

    While talking about fashion, how can we skip on a beautiful Gucci model and actress, Hari Nef. Her instagram account also has the largest following and her fashion statements will definitely blow you away because damn, she’s got a great fashion sense. In her account you will probably come across a lot of selfies that are filled with sass and you will also get a glimpse into the life of the cool kids gands in NYC.

    #3. Chloe Sheppard

    She is a 19 year old photographer with some extraordinary photography skills that will keep you mesmerized for quite a time. Her instagram account is full of some beautifully captured pictures where you will most find love letters to girls through hazy images of her pals. If you are interested in both, photography and fashion then you should definitely follow her.

    #4. Iris Law

    Lastly we have Iris Law in the list for you. She is a high school girl and a model too so yes you can expect her account to be extremely exciting and full of pictures that will make you go crazy. She is the god daughter of Kate Moss and she usually uploaded selfies with no filters on them. So, yes get ready to see some real natural beauty in her account. She is sassy, she is beautiful and again, her fashion sense is worthy of becoming a breaking news.

    These are a few Instagram accounts that you must follow to keep yourself updated about the latest fashion trends. So, don’t wait any further and make an account on Insta and start following such famous people to learn from them.

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