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    Top Fun Activities to do when Traveling Alone

    Traveling is a fun way to experience life from a different perspective. Instead of getting bored in your hotel room, you can get out there and have some fun.

    Traveling alone can either be boring or exciting depending on what you choose to do. Unlike a family vacation or road trip where family and friends suggest what to do when you travel alone you have to be creative with activities.

    One benefit of traveling alone is to run your schedule without consulting anyone. Should you choose to spend your time lying on the beach, you are free to do so.

    If you plan to travel alone and are not sure what to do this article is for you.

    Learning the local dialect

    It is difficult your way through a foreign country if you do not know the national dialect. Since you are traveling solo, you can take some time to learn the native language. You can ask your hotel staff to teach you some basic phrases like thank you and help. It is fun to learn something new, and you should be engaging the locals in their native tongue anytime.

    Take yourself out

    When was the last time you pampered yourself? Traveling alone gives you the time to take yourself for a treat. You have been working all through the year, and this is the time to relax and have some fun. Taking yourself out will largely be determined by what you like. For some people it could be going for dinner in an exclusive restaurant, or having a massage at a spa; do what makes you happy and do not feel guilty spending some cash on yourself. Brazil has exquisite resorts that you can try out, but you need a Brazil e visa to travel. Read here on how to get this visa.

    Ditch your phone

    If you want to have the time of your life you need to switch off your phone and enjoy the present. Checking up on social media every few minutes only makes you anxious and stressed. Forget the online maps in your phone and learn directions the old-fashioned way – asking locals for directions. As long as you are in a safe city, you can learn more about the people and their culture by getting lost occasionally and finding your way. At the end of the day, you will have added to your independent skills. Interacting with the locals while seeking directions is one of the best ways to learn social skills.

     Spend time with nature

    Most of the time it is free to spend time with nature. Nature surrounds us. A luxury walk along the sandy beaches is what you need to forget about the stressors in life. Be adventurous when around nature. If you find a waterfall along your tours take the plunge and dive in. Try something that you have never done before like riding on a camel or an elephant.

    Blend with the locals

    One way to do this is to learn a few words in the local dialect. Another way is to dress like the locals. Ask the hotel staff for recommendations on where to find traditional clothes. Dressing like the locals will enable you to blend in with them, and in a way, you become a part of them. This can be fun and also helps you appreciate different cultures. If you plan on visiting Brazil any time soon ensure that you get your Brazil e visa here. Ask the local whether there are any festivals or parades that you can participate in. These events are one of the best ways to learn about the culture of a country.

    Try out a new hobby

    Since you are the controller of your time, this can be the ideal time to try a new hobby like pottery, knitting or martial arts. Every culture has a skill that they are good at, and you can join a class while traveling. Learning a new hobby is not only fun, but it takes your mind off your daily work routines. While at it interact with the locals and you might make a friend or two.

    Join a tour group

    To have fun while alone you need to be spontaneous. If you find locals focused on a specific activity like mountain climbing or arts you can request to join them. Be careful that you are amongst honest and trustworthy group. You can talk to your travel agent to recommend you cool groups doing amazing things. These tour groups enable you to have a mini-trip within a trip – which is way more fun. If you are single, it offers you an opportunity to find your significant other.

    Museums and art galleries

    If you want to know more about the culture of a people, visit their museums. Courtesy of a guide you get to learn history and view artifacts many years old. Each item has a story attached to it. Take your time to learn even if you are not an art fun. Art galleries give you an opportunity to purchase art which you can use in your home or resell it for a profit.

    Journal your travels

    A journal captures more than photos. While photos give you a visual image of how a trip was, a journal chronicles your feelings and special moments. You can go into detail; what you did each day, who you met, where you went or what stood out for you during the trip. Journaling also helps you to express your thoughts better. It has been proven that journaling is an excellent way to reduce stress. You get to see your thought from a different perspective.


    Traveling solo does not have to be stressing and filled with loneliness. You can take this time to have some fun alone. When you are traveling alone, you are in control of your own schedule, and this means you can have mini-trips within the trip. Try to blend in with the locals by learning the local languages and dressing like the locals. Participate in any events or festivals taking place in the country.

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