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    Traveling with Toddlers: Must Have Gears for Traveling

    Traveling with kids could be a fun thing you can do to spend your holiday, but you need to bring the traveling with your toddlers, let’s discuss some of helpful stuff for you.

    In this era, anything is available and will ease our activities including traveling with kids. Most of them are portable and will be shown in this article. Here are the best gears for traveling for the toddler to keep the parents chill on vacation.

    Jet Kids Bed Box

    Jet Kids Bed Box is a bed and packed in a cute suitcase. The suitcase is equipped with wheels, so you just need to stroll it as you move. If your kid is tired of walking, you can let him or her sit on the suitcase and you just strolling it.

    This bed in a suitcase is a genius invention for a traveling gear. It promotes the multi-functionality in one item. Besides for a portable bed and a ride-on suitcase, you can also store your kid’s favorite toys inside.

    The bed comes with as heavy as 35 kg of weight, which will be suitable for toddlers until they reach 7 years old of age.

    Portable High Chair

    When we talk about the gears for traveling for the toddler, we really need to include the portable high chair as one of them. It will be very handy for camping and traveling or anytime you need to feed your baby while there is no high chair available.

    Most hipster cafes and traditional restaurants have no place for bringing the high chair inside the venue.

    So, the Summer Pop & Sit Portable Booster might be one of the best things you should take a look at. This chair is very compact yet foldable and you can even carry it in your luggage. You will not need to feed your toddler on your lap or chase after him like a crazy adult with a spoon in hand.

    Baby Hiking Backpack

    Even though this hiking backpack may not be as comfortable as the regular carriers, the Deuter Kid Comfort 1 will be much help to you. You can carry your baby on your back even for a long walk out in the wood and mountain.

    So, if you have a plan to hike a mountain with your toddler in the future, investing in this baby hiking backpack is a great idea for sure.

    GB Pockit Stroller

    GB Pockit Stroller recommend by provides an umbrella with a stroller in one package. Besides, it is neatly folded, so you can carry it anywhere on your back. So, if you need a pack-and-play that suits for gears for traveling, this stroller should be on your list too. Since the size is small enough, you can carry it onboard a flight too.

    The weight is about 4.3 kg and it may be a bit heavier than a newborn. However, it has a large seat, so your toddler can sit comfortably on it. Besides, this is portable!

    Portable Toddler Travel Bed

    Some people consider a portable cot could be too bulky when you must carry it on your vacation. Meanwhile, you still need to haul around for your child. This is why you may need to try the Shrunks, an inflatable yet portable bed for toddlers. The bed is pretty light and easy to carry anywhere. However, it needs to be inflated before you can sleep in it.

    Basically, this is like the perfect bed for travel and sleepover when it comes to the essential stuff for traveling. When you buy this inflatable bed, it comes with a carry bag with an electric pump. You can even get this back inside your luggage.

    Diaper Bag

    You must look cool even though you are carrying a diaper bag. Well, you do not need to worry now because you can use the HapTim Diaper Travel Backpack. It offers all the things you need to nurse your toddler in a standard backpack. Besides, the bag looks hip.

    The bag features 3 compartments that stand independently with a divider. You can store diapers, clothes, snacks, drinks, and even your smartphone. Your hubby might want to wear it too.

    Ride-On Carry-On Suitcase

    Nowadays, you can bring your stuff inside your luggage, but your kid still can enjoy the benefit of it. The Mountain Buggy Bagrider is equipped with a seat on the handle and support, so you do not need to worry if the kid will fall off when you are not walking with the bag. It can hold up to 15 kg. The seat even comes with a cushion with an excellent safety harness.

    Kid’s Luggage Scooter

    Kids want to have fun for sure. They can have fun while carrying their own stuff if you allow them to have the ZincFlyte Luggage Scooter.

    The luggage can handle up to 25L capacity and your kid can stroll around by riding their scooter with the luggage in front of them. The luggage is in a cabin size.

    Portable Kid’s Bunk Bed

    So, if you bring your two toddlers at once for traveling, you might need to have a bunk bed. Nowadays, you can have the bunk bed for your toddlers from the Disc-O-Bed Kid-O-Bunk. When you fold it, it can serve a normal sitting bench which can accommodate up to 90 kg.

    This portable bunk bed is highly recommended to bring when you have a plan to take a vacation in nature or even the hotel. So, you just need to take a room while your kids enjoy the Kind and you can enjoy the bunk bed.

    Tula Baby & Toddler Carrier

    Going on a vacation with a baby and toddler is very possible right now. If you still want to feel the bonding with your kid while traveling around the fields and parks, you can use the baby & toddler carrier from Tula. You can bring your kid on your back while you are walking.

    When you are traveling to countries that have an unfriendly road for wheels and strollers, the baby & toddler carrier is your best chance. This is why you may consider the carriers as one of the necessary gears for traveling for the toddler.

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