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    Treats with a Purpose: Functional Treats

    For the best of our dog’s health, it’s important that our furry four-legged friends receive only the best diet – and that includes feeding them a well-balanced and nutritional diet, including dog treats! I mean, really, what dog lover has not yet given their dog an occasional treat?

    Functional dog treats have become popular amongst pet owners who have understood the importance of not only providing a natural, well-balanced and nutritional diet, but also the importance of providing a tasty reward for man’s best friend – with a purpose.

    Giving our dogs treats can aid in them becoming overweight, and it’s important that we only give dog treats as a reward, rather than the routine snack. What’s even better, is using functional treats, which are not only tasty, but provide a punch of benefits for your dog’s health, such as for joint health, dental health, coat, and many others.

    What are Functional Treats?

    Functional dog treats take “treats” to an entirely new level. Functional treats are dog treats that claim to aid in the following issues: allergies, dental health, joint health, immune health, weight loss, and overall health from the inside out, among others.

    Aside from regular dog treats, functional treats are made to contain essential oils, nutrients, proteins, probiotics, and vitamins intended for providing support for certain health conditions. Regular dog treats are often just a tasty treat intended as a reward for our furry friends, and contain very little amounts of essential vitamins.

    We’re going to take a look at some recommended functional treats and the benefits they can provide for our beloved dogs.

    What you should know before using functional treats:

    • Don’t expect to see a difference in your dog’s health right away. Very similar to taking supplements, or vitamins, functional treats will require being fed regularly and over a period of time before you notice any distinct difference in your dog’s health.
    • Functional treats should be given regularly, or daily. If you only occasionally give your dog treats, you won’t be able to see the full potential that these treats can offer.
    • Functional treats come in a variety of different flavors, sizes, and textures, such as biscuits, to chews, to bites. You can most likely find one that will suit your pup’s taste buds.
    • Functional treats are an excellent way to add an additional spice of vitamins into their diet.
    • Functional treats are only a supplement – don’t rely on these treats to provide a cure for your dog’s ailments if veterinary care is needed.

    Before you give your dog a new treat or addition to his regular diet, ensure to carefully read the label and follow proper guidelines intended for your pet’s size and weight. You may also consult your vet regarding any questions or concerns you may have.

    Functional Treats for Overall Health

    There’s nothing more convenient than a delicious, tasty treat for your dog that offers not just one, not two, but overall an array of health benefits, including anxiety, pain, inflammation, digestion, and mood.

    cbd pet Treats: CBD has been known to provide benefits for humans for many health conditions, and these hemp dog treats are specifically designed with just the right dosage of safe CBD derived from hemp to help our very own pets. These treats contain 0% THC and are 100% natural and come in a variety of flavors, such as Steak & Cheese, Salmon & Sweet Potato, and Maple Bacon & Berries.

    Functional Treats for Dental Care

    A trip to the veterinary clinic for dental treatments can be very costly, and functional treats for dental care can be a pet owner’s first line of defense aside from regular brushing, which could be a very hefty task for dogs who don’t quite like getting their teeth brushed!

    Bad breath and dental issues are often caused by a buildup of plaque and tartar on your dog’s teeth, especially after a meal. Here are a few recommendations if you’re looking for functional dog treats for dental care:

    Bully Sticks: The shape of these treats can help scrape off plaque that has built up on your dog’s teeth, as well as exercise the muscles in the jaw.

    Whimzees: The uniquely shaped grain-free dental treats help scrape off plaque from your dog’s teeth, and keep them very busy gnawing on these delicious healthy snacks.

    Functional Treats for Joint Support

    Joint pain and related joint conditions are one of the most common health issues that pet owners experience with their dogs, especially when it comes to senior dogs. Joint support functional treats for dogs are designed to aid in supporting healthy joints, ease pain and discomfort, and prevent further injury to the joints.  Here’s a few functional treats to help your dog’s joint health:

    Old Mother Hubbard: These natural, oven-baked dog snacks are made to help support your pup’s hip and joint issues, made to provide relief for pain associated with mobility issues.

    Doggie Dailies: These soft chew functional treats are jam packed with joint supplements and come in a luscious chicken flavor that will help your dogs with joint pain, arthritis, and inflammation.

    Functional Treats for the Digestive System

    Digestive system issues are very common among pet owners, but can be caused by a variety of factors, such as a change in eating habits, poor quality of food, or stress. This treat may be able to help your pet’s digestive issues, as well as provide a good dose of health vitamins.

    Get Naked: These grain-free treats are enhanced with Dietary Fiber and Probiotics to support a healthy digestive system.

    Functional Treats for Skin and Coat Health

    It’s equally important to care for your dog’s skin and coat, especially since it’s the largest organ! What’s more important, a bad coat or skin disease could lead to a multitude of different health conditions.

    Milk-Bone: These dog treats are packed with B-vitamins, Omega-3 fatty acids, and minerals that are perfect for a healthy skin and coat.

    Petipet: These treats are made from salmon oil and sweet potatoes for skin and coat healthy, especially pups who are suffering from itchy skin and shedding.

    Functional Treats for Excessive Hunger

    If your dog is always looking and begging for extra food, it’s difficult to do so especially when extra food means extra weight, and a dog that is overweight is often also accompanied with other health issues. If you’ve got a hungry dog, the best alternative would be low-calorie alternatives that can be very fulfilling.

    Buckley: These peanut butter dog training treats are grain-free and all-natural, with only 4 calories per treat – a perfect reward low in calories for your pup.

    Fruits and Veggies: What’s better than going all-natural, and tossing a fruit or veggie over to your pup? Not only does it make for a great snack, you can never go wrong with the natural vitamins and nutrients that fruits and vegetables offer for your dog.

    Not only can we reward our furry friends for being adorably cute and displaying good behavior and training, but you can also do it with a purpose towards a healthier life!

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