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    Visit These Places for High Yoga Classes

    People travel for different reasons. Some go to a new place to meet friends, while others do it because they want to try something exciting and different. For a number of people, traveling is their way to relax and unwind. If you are the adventurous type who is eager to experience these three things, you may want to look into high yoga.

    High yoga is one of the exciting activities that have become popular as a result of the burgeoning marijuana industry. As the name suggests, this type of yoga combines meditative yoga techniques with the unique effects of cannabis.

    Although marijuana has only seen widespread legalization in recent years, high yoga, or ganja yoga, has actually been practiced since ancient times. In fact, priests in ancient India were said to have honored the god Shiva with a sacred cannabis elixir.

    Here are just three of the benefits of high yoga.

    Deeper Relaxation

    It can be said that it was only a matter of time before cannabis-aided yoga would become popular, considering both yoga and marijuana have been known to affect the parasympathetic nervous system. Combining these two has been seen to induce deeper relaxation. Marijuana and yoga promote calmness by disconnecting you from any anxious thoughts in your head and helping you focus on the present.

    More Intense Meditation

    The psychoactive effects of cannabis are already well-documented, and when you combine these with the meditative aspects of yoga, you can reach new heights of consciousness. The brain and body benefits of this practice are plenty. According to research, these include better mental clarity and focus and better heart health.

    Better Engagement with the Poses

    Fans of fast-paced yoga may not instantly be interested in high yoga because it is noticeably slower and doesn’t require a constant transition from one pose to the next. However, the back-to-basics approach of high yoga encourages students to focus on better engaging with their poses and mindfulness. Simply put, it lets students experience the poses in a unique new light.

    Where Can You Do This?

    If you are curious about high yoga and want to make it a part of your next travel experience, here are five cities where you can try it out.

    Los Angeles

    January 1, 2018, indeed marked a happy new year for stoners in California as the state finally legalized the use of recreational weed. Since that historic move, cannabis-enhanced yoga classes have become available all over cities like Los Angeles.

    For starters, head off to the first-ever cannabis-only yoga studio in Los Angeles, Lit Yoga. Each yoga class starts with a distinctive cannabis and tea ceremony shared by students. The founders purposely use the tea ceremony to help students become more conscious and intentional in the way they consume marijuana.

    In addition to providing high-yoga classes, Lit Yoga also offers various cannabis products, which they produce in collaboration with different cannabis brands.


    If you are looking for a more intimate and exclusive high-yoga experience, Ganja Guru Yoga in Denver, Colorado, may be the place for you. Located in Denver’s Urban Sanctuary, Ganja Guru Yoga helps participants experience a “private exploratory yoga” while letting them “cultivate a synergistic relationship between the mind, body, spirit, and cannabis.”

    Although Ganja Guru Yoga welcomes all people from different backgrounds and skill levels, its events are exclusive and by invitation only. Registration is required, and it does not accommodate walk-in guests, so make sure to do your research on schedules and fees and to book in advance.

    In addition to high yoga, this place provides training and educational services in the areas of health, fitness, and exercise.


    Another place in Colorado that you can visit is a gym called Break the Stigma Fitness. As its name suggests, this facility seeks to redefine the public’s perception of marijuana by using it for holistic approaches to the mind, body, and soul.

    Located in Wheatridge, this gym is the first-ever cannabis-friendly gym in the world and was created to provide a safe space for people to understand and experience cannabis-therapy exercises in a deeper way.

    In addition to high-yoga classes, you can also try the gym’s cannabis-friendly group exercises. Keep in mind that its cannabis fitness classes are by invitation only, so make sure to book in advance, or you will not be able to avail of their services.

    San Francisco

    If you are headed to San Francisco, you may want to check out the ganja-yoga classes of Dee Dussault. One of the pioneers in the field of high yoga, Dee travels a lot and, in her own words, lives “nomadically,” but she is mostly based in San Francisco and other cannabis-friendly states, so make sure to take advantage of her schedule if you’re in San Francisco.

    She offers both private and public classes for yoga and also coaching for tantra and sexuality. She has been personally practicing yoga for 23 years and teaching it for 9 years. Dee makes sure that her classes are sustainably safe for everyone. In addition to being an experienced yoga teacher, she is also the author of Ganja Yoga.


    In Canada, you can have a taste of ganja yoga in the House of Yoga, which is located inside the Conscious Consumption head shop found in Toronto. The House of Yoga focuses on creating a friendly environment that is conducive for promoting a healthy lifestyle combined with exercise, relaxation, and weed.

    While it believes that the psychophysical effects of the asanas are valuable, they are second only to the main objective, which is, ultimately, freedom. Through ganja yoga, House of Yoga offers personal experiences that combine the effects of marijuana and yoga. Interested students can also enroll in their teacher training and help teach ganja yoga for a number of months.

    Keep in mind that, while cannabis has seen widespread legalization in recent years, legislation varies across states. Make sure you keep yourself up-to-date with the laws in your area as well as the drug policies in your workplace before signing up for a high-yoga class.

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