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    A Guide to Walking for Greater Fitness

    While so much of physical exertion subjective, crunching the numbers allows you to set essential benchmarks to your fitness routines. Walking will burn an average of 4 -5 calories each minute. So, a 15-minute walk will burn around 70 calories and you can consume more than that in a single slice of white bread. If you hope to see an improvement in your physical condition, you will need to top off around 45 to 60 minutes of brisk walking.

    How brisk?

    Basic physics explains how the more speed is applied to mass in motion the greater energy is required. In the case of the fitness enthusiast, this means more calories are burned. So, if you stroll at a leisurely pace, taking plenty of time to smell the roses, you will burn a total of 3 calories a minute and possibly excite your allergies. Kick that pace up a notch or two, and suddenly you increase calorie expenditures by 50%. Try a light jog and you pull out another 50%. If you were to break into a run you would have increased your calorie expenditure by a full 150% from that leisurely stroll.

    What Fuel?

    If you hope to lose weight, you will want to place your body in a calorie deficit, meaning your burn more than you consume per day or week depending on the specifics of your routine and diet plan. If you make yourself a couple slabs of French Toast before your run, you obviously nullified any progress you may have made. Balancing your diet with your exercise plan is essential to improving your fitness levels and physical capacity. If you consider your walk a reason to indulge, you won’t get to far.

    Are You Mixing it Up?

    The body is a master of economizing energy expenditure and when you are trying to burn more calories, this is counterproductive. If you walk the same route each day for an hour you will find by the beginning of the second week, your routine has become very easy. Your body knows what is expected and fine-tuned its efforts to maximize the efficiency of these muscles groups, essentially becoming stronger. You will need to switch things around with swimming, biking, hiking, a more strenuous route up hills and stairs or a more relaxing type of exercise like Tai Chi or Yoga. If you are feeling up to it, weight training is a great way to burn calories and build a powerful physique.

    Walking May Not be Enough

    According to info from Orthotic Shop humans were actually designed to walk for great distances with excellent fuel economy and you may find that walking soon is not enough to make a difference to your fitness levels. If so, Congrats! It is now time to enter the wonderful world of taking your routines to the next level. Begin to look for other ways to approach your needs such as a more tightly planned diet or more time in your walks. Remember that your path to fitness is unique and ultimately you are the one who must find a solution to your specific body type.

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