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    What Is the Eating Disorder, Bulimia Nervosa?

    Bulimia nervosa or bulimia eating disorder is a very serious mental health condition characterized by recurring cycles of often uncontrollable binge eating and purging. When an individual with bulimia nervosa binge eats, they typically eat a very large amount of food in a relatively short amount of time.

    The individual may experience feelings of shame, guilt, disgust or regret during or after a binge eating episode. After the binge is over, individuals with bulimia nervosa may engage in compensatory behaviors in an effort to eliminate the large number of calories they just consumed. Some common compensatory behaviors used by individuals in need of bulimia eating disorder treatment may include self-induced vomiting, fasting, excessive exercise, laxative and diuretics abuse.

    How Does Bulimia Nervosa Differ from Binge Eating Disorder?

    Both conditions are characterized by recurring episodes of binge eating large amounts of food within a short period of time. However, people who have developed binge eating disorder typically do not engage in compensatory behaviors after a binge. Additionally, while someone with bulimia nervosa may maintain what doctors perceive as a “normal” weight for their age and stature, those with binge eating disorder may be overweight or obese.

    What Is the Best Bulimia Treatment Options for Teens?

    Each person is different and so their bulimia treatment may vary slightly. Most eating disorder experts agree Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is very successful in treating patients of all ages. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is designed to help patients monitor their thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Once they have been able to normalize their behaviors and recognize environmental triggers, patients can recognize irrational thoughts and beliefs relating to their body shape and self-esteem. In some cases, antidepressants may also be prescribed to help decrease binge eating and purging behaviors.

    What Are the Benefits of Bulimia Treatment Centers That Focus on Treating Adolescents?

    While young children and adolescents may have similar symptoms as adult patients with bulimia nervosa, they may benefit from entering an eating disorder counseling program that is targeted at people their own age. Because their brains and bodies are still developing, teen patients have a variety of different medical and psychiatric needs from those that older patients may be dealing with. By providing a safe, comfortable and home-like setting bulimia treatment centers, such as Clementine, can help adolescents learn the tools they need for a successful and long-term recovery.

    Additionally, eating disorder treatment programs designed for younger patients may have resources for families and loved ones. Having a strong support system in place is very important for the recovery process at any age, but especially so when a child or adolescent is facing so many new experiences in their lives. In order to best support the individual on the path to recovery, many treatment programs for teens with eating disorders are set up so parents and other family members are involved in the recovery process from beginning to end.

    What Other Health Complications Might Someone with Bulimia Nervosa Experience?

    One of the most common health issues those with bulimia nervosa may experience can include gum disease and severe tooth decay. This is the result of repeated self-induced vomiting which can result in a sore throat, tooth enamel erosion, gingivitis and even bone loss. Purging can also lead to severe dehydration, which can result in kidney failure and other health complications.

    Where Can I Find Bulimia Treatment Near Me?

    Finding teen bulimia treatment near you is an important step on the path to recovery. Clementine, a Monte Nido Affiliates, is here to provide adolescents with bulimia nervosa and other eating disorders with the highest level of medical and psychiatric care that can be found outside of a hospital setting.

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