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    Be Bold and Beautiful Women Wearing Leather Jackets!

    What does your fashion demand in the winters? Is it only sweaters and high boots? Or may be some sweatshirts?

    Well, winter in one time of the year, where you can flaunt your highest fashion goals. So, why not try something unique! Let’s say something ultramodern?

    Team up your winter wear with the trendiest leather jackets!

    Hearing of leather jackets you must be thinking that they could only paired up with jeans or at the most trousers. Buddy, get over the so-called old fashioned style sense. Now, the uncommon is the most common. So, you can easily club your dress with a trendy leather jackets!

    It is true that there are innumerable options for different coats and jackets. But very few or almost none can offer you the same level of versatility like leather jackets.
    Previously, you thought of leather jackets only to be accrued to men. But why should boys have all the fun!

    So, if you belong to the fair sex who’s eager to add something new to your wardrobe, consider leather jacket stores as your next shopping destination.

    Look at some of the undeniable reasons why every woman needs a leather jacket.

    Classic and timeless style

    Well, this alone should be the reason to buy a leather jacket. These jackets have been in vogue from over centuries. And from then on, there has almost been no change in this style statement.

    The leather jackets for women like the ones offered by Luisaviaroma still bear the same manufacturing methods and materials. Therefore, you can be sure that if you take adequate care of your leather jacket, it’s going to stay with you lifelong.

    Form fitting

    Leather jackets are termed as a form fitting wear. This means that after you put on a leather jacket, your body shape will be well-contoured. The leather jackets will hold your body as tightly as possible, thereby, making your appearance better.

    Quilted lining

    Where there is a fall or at winter, quilted lined jackets are the best!

    These quilted ones are produced with the same quality material. Inside, there is a soft fur-like material. While the outer part is of leather, the inner section will provide you additional comfort and warmth.

    If you cannot choose between a quilted and a traditional one, do not think much. Just grab both and fill your wardrobe.

    Does not attract lint

    Most of you overlook the fact that leather jackets do not attract lint. Since they are constructed from animal hide, the surface if the jacket reciprocates dirt, dust, lint and other debris.

    For better maintenance, simply wipe your leather jacket often with a cleaning product.

    Compliments the shades and styles of most outfit

    Not being a fashionista is absolutely alright. Once you put on a leather jacket and most of your fashion is done right there!

    You must have noticed that most leather jackets are colored in black or brown. These colors are an easy match with any and every colored dress. Both black and brown are versatile and compliment every wear.

    Variety of colors

    Although black and brown are the most dominant shades of leather jackets, but with time, there are a dozen of other shades available now. Colors like red and yellow add fun to your outfit.

    Made to fit

    As has been mentioned earlier, wearing a leather jacket makes you appear more in shape. While you place order for a leather jacket, make sure that you give your measurements as per your body size.

    Looks better with age

    Leather jackets look better when they age. Over time, leather jackets become softer. It looks natural and the texture appears soft. Actually, it is the sunlight that makes leather appear softer.


    At the end of the day, it is for protection that you should wear a leather jacket. The thick material of the jacket insulates and protects your body from unwanted harms.

    Leather jackets differ.

    By looking at it at a glance, you may seem it to be the same. But leather jackets differ according to type, style and history.

    Come, let’s take a look at different types of leather jackets.

    #1. Bomber jacket

    Well, that’s a catchy name, right? There’s a reason behind calling it bomber jackets.
    Previously, these jackets were designed for pilots and plane crew. Generally, they are till the waist that carries a soft lining. The jackets’ USP is the tightness of the jacket at the waist and fists. There is a zip in front with two pockets at the side. Paring it up with jeans is best for a casual day out.

    #2. Biker’s jacket

    The biker jacket is coupled up with pointed collars with snaps. The collar buttons can be unfastened even when you are riding a bike at full speed.

    Actually, these jackets give you the look of badass boys wide a lot of extra buckles. Though it’s a bit of a raw style, but ladies, if you want to look bold, try these out.

    To add more to your outfit, a pair of aviator is sure to look ravishing!

    #3. Leather Coat and Blazer

    Well, leather coats are not exactly jackets. It is pretty easy to differentiate leather coats from the rest. They are long and flabby with a pointed collar and long sleeves.

    Didn’t recognize it yet? Have you seen Sherlock Holmes? Yes! That’s the leather coat!
    A leather blazer, on the other hand, is shorter than a coat. Suit collar, patch pockets are its features. This is a perfect choice for a formal dinner.

    #4. Shearling jacket

    Shearlings are a jacket with a layer of wool on the inner side. Shearlings date back to the Iron Age. Back then, it was a status symbol.

    Although Shearlings were a better off with the masculine gender, yet the feminine too now can opt for it. It has a fur collar, zipper closure, and a fur cuff. As a whole it’s a warm choice!

    #5. Fringe

    Fringe jackets will surly remind you of the cowboys. They were manufactured to get dried soon and shed rain. It is with the hand of rock and roll king, Elvis Presley that the fringe jackets became most popular.

    Not only will it guard you from rain, but also impart an extra fashion!

    As a quick recap …

    Leather jackets are no more the only fashion for men. Women too now can pair them with a lot of clothing.

    Choose a bomber, or fringe, or biker or whatever you want to and rule the fashion world!

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