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    Boiled Egg Diet Plan For Weight Loss | Just in 14 Days

    There is a false notion in some that continuously consuming an egg a day, or too many eggs in a day, could be bad for our health. This notion is completely contradictory to the fact. Eggs are a universal item of food that has no side effects at all and Boiled Egg Diet Plan For Weight Loss have a lot of magical results, except that some individuals could have some allergic reactions which would be a very personal issue only.

    This should not be considered as a general basis to alienate eggs from our diet, though some also have a very strict religious issue in eating eggs. Being a vegetarian could be a good idea to impress others, but even then it would be prudent to consider that though your mind may be opting to be a vegetarian your body may not.

    We tend to base our thoughts as per our brains and how it would have been brainwashed since our birth depending on the environment we have been exposed to.

    It is imperative hence to ensure that we provide the body adequate nourishment, nutrients, exercise and everything else it needs for healthy growth and sickness free living.

    If we do not do so we could be depriving our bodies the right “ingredients” it needs to grow healthily and provide us a long and sickness free life.

    Boiled Egg Diet Plan For Weight Loss:

    Eggs in your diet

    Consuming an egg diet and coupling that with a few fruits, vegetables, lean protein and a low-carb diet could help your quest in weight loss.

    We list below a typical boiled egg diet that you could plan out for a couple of weeks and get on the road on a weight loss program.

    Depending on your body mass weight and your appetite it would be imperative that you work out the right quantities, but the idea would be to cut on fatty foods.

    • Breakfast

    A couple of eggs or three which would depend on how hungry you would be in the morning added with a few slices of fruit, preferably apple, papaw and wash it down with a fruit juice.

    The eggs should be hard boiled or half boiled avoiding any other preparations that would constitute the use of oil or butter.

    • Lunch

    Another couple of hard boiled eggs with a small of medium sized piece of lean protein such as fish or chicken.

    Avoid carbohydrates and limit the quantities to just suppress hunger, over eating even the above could create excess sugar and that could turn into fat.

    • Dinner

    A few hard boiled eggs, a few vegetables to keep the night hunger away and a slice of fruit to just fill up to provide a good night’s sleep.

    Avoid raiding the refrigerator in the wee hours of the morning if you are serious about weight loss, especially when on a egg diet.

    It may be quite a difficult exercise to reduce food intake but the eggs that you would consume should provide you adequate nourishment to ensure that you sustain the two weeks.

    Once you get your body tuned to the regime of a diet it would not be difficult to sustain the disciplined reduction in food intake.

    There is more to this than the reduced food intake, it is training your mind to the new food intake which the body may rebel for the first two days but would settle down eventually.

    What is Boiled Egg Diet ?

    Boiled egg diet is a great diet for weight loss. The boiled egg diet weight loss program is simple to practice and easy on the appetite too, as you would not need tom starve but it is only a temporary exercise to kick start reducing weight.

    Eggs and Cock-eyed Religious Beliefs

    Some take the religious fervor a notch too far and consider that eating an egg deprives a life which in this case would be of a chick.

    It is the limited education that they have in this subject that has caused these people to misconstrue the situation with their religious beliefs.

    The eggs that we buy in the supermarkets and produced in farms are not fertilized and cannot be hatched into chicks.

    Hence the false belief that they are depriving a life is nothing but an absurd misconception and one which would deprive them of an easy source of protein and other nutrients.

    A very interesting way to see the absurdity of this religious belief would be to consider all the eggs that the females in the human species menstruate every month.

    Which we know when not fertilized would leave their bodies, in a monthly cycle and the same thing occurs with hens too, it is their menstruation in the form of eggs that leave their bodies.

    We also know that Nature does things in its own funny way and what it has done in hens is that it has wrapped the menstruated egg in a hard shell.

    Nature goes even further and ensures that this menstruated egg leaves the hens body either every day or on alternative days.

    We humans have found ingenious ways to proliferate production of this unfertilized egg which we have found to be edible and consume them in abundance.

    Consuming Eggs is Good for Us

    Consuming eggs

    Whatever the case may be, it is accepted universally that eggs are the cheapest form of an adequate protein with a few other nutrients also included in it.

    Hence an egg a day could help us take in protein as well as some selected nutrients of which we would be enlightening you, towards the latter part of this article.

    Eggs whilst providing us balanced food value could be insufficient as a wholesome meal to be consumed for breakfast, lunch and dinner to sustain our hunger. On the contrary a few eggs a day and cutting down on other fatty foods, could help in weight loss which should be coupled with a dietary program that you could discipline yourself at best.

    Whatever weight loss program that you would embark on it is imperative that a wide variety of foods are consumed so that you would have an adequate supply of all food values.

    We need carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and a host of other nutrients to ensure that our body runs as smoothly as possible without and hiccups.

    Eggs, for the Rich and Poor

    The advantage that eggs have over most other proteins is its free availability and affordable cost, which has put it within the reach of the poor and of course the rich too.

    The proliferation of egg production in the world began a few decades ago when modern chickening farming methods were introduced.

    Today eggs are being produced in very large quantities around the world ensuring easy access to all and sundry across the globe.

    Eggs are still priced at reasonable costs as productions costs are still within controllable levels and this has given the impetus for egg farmers to expand and increase egg product manifold.

    Whether you attend a banquet at a palace or are invited to a meal in a poor man’s hut, it is very unlikely that you would not find a dish with eggs.

    It is this importance that has been bestowed on eggs that has made it one of the most common items of food on everyone’s plate.

    The other advantageous issue with eggs is that it could be prepared in the shortest possible time to make a meal of it.

    It is this that has propelled its popularity to the highest levels of acceptance as a good source of food at a very affordable price.

    It is very unlikely that eggs would sky rocket in prices even in the future hence it would remain popular with the rich as well as the poor.

    Eggs have other advantages too, and primary among them is that if it could be consumed pragmatically, would help to act as a good platform for a concerted weight loss program.

    The Goodness of Eggs

    goodness of eggs

    A egg diet in a weight loss program could be quite something for many of us to digest but it is a fact that has been shelved for a long time and one that could help.

    Those who have tried many weight loss programs and probably failed have found that a egg diet is a perfect solution to such an endeavor but as a short term exercise.

    This could be a blessing in disguise for many and how it could be achieved and the way to do so would be discussed her so that you could try a successful diet too.

    There is no danger in an egg diet but a very simple change in eating habits and ensuring like any weight loss program to keep away from the fatty foods that many indulge in.

    Eggs are high in nutrients and could provide a well balanced diet but as we know it would be impossible to survive on this diet.

    A few eggs would be filling but as said earlier confining yourself only to this diet in the quest to ensure weight loss could create other issues especially a lack of sufficient nutrients.

    A boiled egg diet could put you on a weight loss regime but it should be a strictly temporary exercise and would need to be discontinued once the envisaged 20 pounds or so are lost.

    Select the Best Egg and Other Foods Combination

    It is not necessary that you consume hard boiled eggs morning, noon and night when on a egg diet you could use some imagination to ensure that the eggs is garnished with something.

    You could also combine your egg diet with some of the other non fatty foods if you are an individual who would want a few bites more to fill the appetite.

    Some of the foods that you could select which would not be detrimental to your egg diet weight loss program could be selected from the following.

    • Walnuts
    • Almonds
    • Strawberries
    • Seafood
    • Mushrooms
    • Asparagus
    • Tomato
    • Onion
    • Broccoli
    • Limited quantities of chicken and beef

    If you are on a boiled eggs diet that does not mean that you need to starve, weight loss programs should be not to shed weight at the expense of eating a square meal. You need to eat less, but that does not mean you would need to starve it is just finding the right combination of food to ensure that your calories intake reduces. Reducing calorie intake and expending more than what you would generate in caloric value would eventually bring your weight down. If any program would try to say otherwise that would not be a very educative way to go about on a weight loss program.

    There are many types of food that we could consume without gaining weight which would help in a weight loss program.

    This egg diet would help you to get on the road to a weight loss program for the simple reason that it is a wholesome food item that would provide some of the essential food values.

    The egg diet would do so by ensuring that your body weight mass does not increase and that is the secret with this very rich and nutritious food source, which is also affordable to many.

    Eggs and a Balanced Diet

    There should never be a misconception that just by eating eggs that weight loss could be gained which is not very prudent thinking.

    Eggs may be a rich source of a little of everything but your body cannot sustain itself of eggs alone, for a couple of weeks it would do but not as an option to exclude all other food sources.

    Even after discontinuing this diet weight loss program, you could continue with the egg eating habit as it would not be detrimental but other nourishment’s would need to come in.

    The primary idea in any weight loss program would be to ensure that fatty foods are avoided and the calories are controlled.

    If that could be achieved with sustained and adequate exercises you could be looking at your waistline reducing whilst keeping your health in optimum levels.

    Weight Loss Helped by Eggs

    weight loss helped by eggs

    The high nutritious value in eggs is what makes it such a good beginning in any weight loss program or to get on one, if you have not done so before. Keeping eggs as the main source of nourishment to your body would definitely see a change in the metabolism in your body.

    This in turn would ensure that the accumulating fat is eliminated, and the accumulated fat is reduced.The boiled egg diet weight loss program would be a two pronged strategy and one which would ensure body weight mass reducing and along with that the success of the weight loss program.

    There is one important aspect which would need to be taken into serious consideration and that is not prolonging on a egg diet it should be only a short term endeavor.

    Once you observe an improvement in your weight loss program then it would be time to change over and get on a planned dieting program.

    The boiled egg diet weight loss program should only be a stepping stone and would need to be diverted into a sustained discipline to take the process of reducing weight forward. It is not that eggs cannot sustain you it is just that it may not have all the nourishment’s that your body would need in the long term.

    We look at what nutritious value an egg would have to understand the issue better.   

    • Nutrition facts in eggs
    • (Serving One Egg – 50 grams)
    • Calories  – 71
    • Total Fat – 5 grams (8%) – Saturated fat (2 grms-8%) / Trans fat (0 grms – 0%)
    • Cholesterol – 211 (70%)
    • Sodium – 70 milligrams (3%)
    • Total Carbohydrate – 0 grams – Dietary Fiber (nil) / Sugar (nil)
    • Protein – 6 grams
    • Vitamin – A (5%)
    • Vitamin –C (0%)
    • Calcium –  3%
    • Iron – 5%

    Please Note: These values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet which could vary depending on individual requirements.

    There are glaring advantages in the consumption of eggs and what stands out prominently it does not contain Carbohydrate and Sugar.

    The Calorie intake is also very low at just 71 which could be considered incredible, whilst being a wholesome meal with a few eggs being consumed total calorie intake would be low.

    The other major factor is its protein content which is 6 grams, a high for a small food source at just 50 grams, which are the aspects that make eggs such a wonderful source of food.

    The only disadvantage could be the high Cholesterol but taking into consideration that the consumption of so many eggs would be only in the interim it would not cause adverse effects.

    Overall in consideration eggs are a very rich source of food and there are more good than bad in eggs and consuming as many in a planned weight loss program would do no harm.

    A comparison between brown and white eggs

    brown and white eggs

    There is a very distinct difference between brown and white eggs. Whilst the brown eggs are a richer source of nutrients the white may not be the same. The brown eggs would have a darker yellow yolk compared to that in the white egg.

    The white eggs that we buy off the supermarket shelves may not have the same nutritious values. The hens that law the brown eggs would be nourished on grass, insects and other food sources that they could pick up rather than the hens in tightly packed pens.

    It may be quite a task to source out healthy eggs if you are living in an urban area but getting some at least during the period that you are on the egg diet weight loss program would be prudent.

    It is imperative that the eggs that you consume has what it takes for you to sustain the advised egg diet weight loss program which is based on eggs, so getting good eggs would be important.

    Combining Boiled Eggs in a Diet

    Once you have started on your this diet weight loss program it is imperative that you do not lose interest in it because eating boiled eggs morning, noon and night could be an issue.

    This should not be the case and what you could do, would be to innovate, whereas you try a few changes in how you would consume the eggs.

    It is not suggested that you live on egg alone but take other types of food too and mixing up those foods with the eggs would make your eating endeavor more enlightening.

    What is Hard Boiled Eggs Diet ?

    Hard boiling eggs is quite a problematic issue with the shells not cracking easily and many other problems.

    Hard Boiled Eggs Diet:

    Hard boiling eggs

    Many of us would have found hard boiling eggs is quite a problematic issue with the shells not cracking easily and many other problems.

    If you don’t get it right the whole exercise of consuming hard boiled eggs would be a very frustrating endeavor.

    We could apprise you in six very easy steps how to get that perfect boiled egg.

    #1. Place the quantity of eggs in a pot and pour cold water to cover the eggs

    #2. Light the burner keeping it on high and bring to boil

    #3. Let the eggs boil for about 10 minutes. Depending on choice of a soft, medium or hard yolk keep the eggs on the boil. The yolk would harden the more you keep the eggs in water.

    #4. Turn the burner off and drain all the water.

    #5. Either fill the same pot with cold water or transfer the eggs to a cooler pot, whilst trying to at least one crack in each. If you are using the same pot, it will be hot and the eggs will not cool quickly then drop a few cubes of ice. If it is transferred into another pot you would not need the ice.

    #6. Let the eggs remain in cold water for another 10 minutes and once you peel of the shell it would come off very easily with no pieces of egg sticking onto the shell.

    Does the 14 day boiled egg diet work?

    Many Americans are trying to lose weight by some quick methods but most of them does not work. Boiled egg diet can show amazing results in 14 days if you follow this properly.


    The Boiled Egg Diet Plan For Weight Loss program is simple to practice and easy on the appetite too, as you would not need tom starve but it is only a temporary exercise to kick start reducing weight.

    Continue by reducing the eggs if you are bored eating eggs but cut down on all fatty foods, oil, butter, sugar, carbohydrates etc.

    Along with any type of weight loss program that you would practice it is important that a sustained exercise regime also runs parallel.

    Exercise is most important for our body and it is only the lack of it that brings many of our health complications.

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