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    Taking The Holistic Approach To Securing Healthy Skin

    The skincare industry is closely tied to science and innovation, which over the years has created countless exciting and interesting products for the betterment of skin. However, not all of these products have necessarily contributed to long-term skin health; one notable example of skincare innovation, microbeads, have been linked to permanent cell damage according to The Guardian. With so many of these ingredients still present in popular skincare products, the challenge for individuals looking to enjoy truly great skin quality is to pick out the quality products from the chaff. Understanding how skin works is crucial to this.

    Emerging Problems

    For any skincare enthusiast, the first and most important step is addressing any chronic skincare concerns. Eczema, rosacea and dermatitis can all easily be aggravated by the wrong types of skin products – yet, given the distress that these conditions can cause, it’s common to look for products to provide emergency care. It’s important to realize that you can take immediate remedial care for skin affected by chronic conditions. Dermatitis, for instance, can be targeted through antibiotic and anti-inflammatory products. While treatment is ongoing, it’s also important, according to Verywell Health, to identify common allergens in skincare products and avoid them.

    This can include products typically seen as helpful, such as tea tree oil, peppermint and clove. Accordingly, a product being described as ‘natural’ is not necessarily going to be good for skin.

    Understanding New Trends

    Indeed, many new skincare trends have attempted to move away from the classic idea of ‘natural’ – where attractive-sounding and naturally occurring compounds are inherently considered good for skin. A more scientific approach is being embraced, and that’s seen in what Vogue considers some of the most important skincare trends this year. Look at the use of plant ceramide and hyaluronic acid packed cleansers and moisturizers available in many products. These are scientifically based products that target skin in a healthy and constructive way. The historic role of natural oils and spices in helping skin is a well known phenomenon, but basing skincare on a more structured basis like this is being shown to be really positive for good quality skin.

    The Role of Food

    Some of the attraction of seeing healthy food types within skincare is the obvious mineral and vitamin benefits of having a healthy diet. As US News highlights, eating a low inflammatory and high nutrient diet is enormously beneficial to good skin health; oil-rich salmon, antioxidant grapes, and of course the incredibly important lifegiving water. However, there is the important stage of digestion that introduces these compounds into your body. A complex process that breaks down the necessary compounds, it is a clear distinction to simply having those foods included in the product itself – and far more effective.

    Keep the spices, foods and oils inside the body – this is where they’ll have the biggest impact. For topical skincare, focus on scientifically researched and developed solutions that can really target and enhance skin cells.

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