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    How Long Does It Take to Lose Love Handles?

    Shedding weight is a headache for women, especially love handles are one hell of trouble because they do not go away easily. It takes quite a time to lose love handles. While doing fat loss, love handles are the prime focus where fat needs to be shed. The excessive fat is usually lying on the back but that is not much prominent. While love handles are quite significant as they are pointing outwards.

    How Long Does it Take to Lose Love Handles?

    It takes time to lose because of the persistent fat. It varies from person to person but on average it can be lost in 4-6 months, if you stick to proper diet and workout routine. Both are the main aspects of losing love handles fastly.

    What Are Love Handles?

    Love handles are the areas around hips extending outwards. They are usually saggy because of underlying fat deposition. When you wear tight clothes, they become rather prominent.

    Love handles are an indication that there is excessive fat around the abdominal and hip area. They stand out in a T-shirt giving you an outlook of pear and indicating excessive fat.

    It hangs over your pants and also sits around your waist. Hips and waist are affected by this additional fat. That is why they are important to be shed if you want to look fit, slim and trim.

    What Causes Love Handles?

    To have a better understanding of the persistence of love handles, we must know the reasons behind them. Few reasons are enlisted below:

    • Excessive Cortisol causes love handles.
    • Aging.
    • Less physical activity.
    • Diet high in carbs, sugar, and fats.
    • Sleep deprivation.
    • Hypothyroidism.

    Is It Difficult to Lose Love Handles?

    Losing love handles is not an easy task. It takes a lot of effort and a huge amount of time to shed the fat there. The fat is lost in reverse order of what it is put in. The fat is deposited first in the midsection area but it becomes persistent there and is hard to lose.

    It happens because of an evolutionary reason which states that the midsection is easily manageable for energy. So it is an important area for your body thus body makes sure to keep the fat preserved there. That is why fat in love handles is so persistent and difficult to lose.

    Plus they have a high amount of fats so this makes them saggy. Such areas are not compact but loose. With high fats, the muscles become thin rather than bulky. The low muscle while higher fat content renders this area problematic and difficult while shedding weight.

    You can say love handles are one of the kind and stubborn fats. They cling to your body and are not much affected by metabolism. They require a very rigorous routine to vanish particularly when your body has more fat percentage ratio. These persistent fats do not go away easily.

    How Long Does it Take to Reduce Love Handles?

    How Long Does It Take to Lose Love Handles cannot be predicted precisely. The required time depends on how much fat is present in that area and how much old the fat is.

    Your past habits shaped the form you are in now and to reshape yourself, you must adopt new habits which will cause fat shedding. The more focused you are on your diet and exercise, the lesser love handles take time to lose.

    So the time depends on your determination and hard work. No nutrition or trainer can assure you of the time limit or time frame exactly in which you can lose these love handles.

    The fat around the waist and hips does not get accumulated in a short time. It has deposited itself slowly and gradually over time.

    According to research, it takes almost a year to deposit three pounds of weight in a year. The hormones and genetics also determine the speed of shedding weight. People with slow metabolism lose love handles slowly while the time frame for people with a fast metabolism is quite shorter.

    So genetics and hormones also govern how long does it take to lose love handles.

    Losing weight and losing love handles are not always proportional. You can lose up to two pounds of weight per week by strict diet and rigorous exercise. But you may shed overall weight but love handles show very less significant shedding.

    Factors Determining the Time for Losing Love Handles:

    First of all, lifestyle and diet matter a lot. Your habits regulate the shedding of fats in love handles and loss of weight overall.

    You need to develop a healthy diet and avoid the foods which deposit fats around your waist and hips.

    Foods with high and complex carbs must be avoided if you want to lose love handles in a shorter period.

    Secondly, hormones play a vital role in losing love handles. PCOS also causes love handles because of abnormality in the hormonal level. The hormones like glucagon, adrenalin and thyroid hormones cause fat burning.

    So make sure to stay vigil and eat food that causes the secretion of these hormones. They will prevent fat accumulation and also increase metabolic rate.

    Weight Loss, Love Handles, and Time Needed:

    Generally, if you want to lose love handles you must need to shed the overall weight of your body as well. To lose one pound you need to make a deficit of almost 3000 to 3500 calories. You will need to take in fewer calories while burning out more calories.

    The more the deficit, the faster is the loss of love handle. Because of a big deficit, the body will utilize and burn fat around the midsection of the body.

    If you are following the guidelines of diet and exercise, you can easily burn 500 calories in a day. And you will lose 4 pounds in a month and this will significantly decrease your abdominal region thus causing the burning of fats in the love handles area.

    If I speak of my experience, I followed a combination of diet and cardio for six months. And I was able to lose 15 pounds of weight. The weight loss was more focused on fat loss. And this successful combination made me lose love handles in almost 4 months. All of the loose fat was gone along with baggy love handles.

    The time for losing love handles is also determined by the weight you already have. If you are obese then you require a steadfast plan for a longer period to lose these love handles. Additionally, your workout will shape the whole body not only just one area. So the love handles will disappear with time not suddenly.

    So you need to focus on persistent fat loss from the whole body for a longer period. It is not possible to lose fat from one area while not losing it from the whole body.

    Best Ways to Lose Love Handles:

    Best Ways to Lose Love Handles

    You can easily lose love handles with slight determination and an appropriate plan. We are going to tell you a few easy ways which you can follow to shed these fats.

    Diet to lose love handles in 2 weeks:

    The first thing you need to take care of is your diet. You need to avoid all the food that is causing fat deposition. All food that contains a high ratio of complex carbs must be avoided. Because these are not easily degraded by our body and end up in adipose tissues.

    Physical Agility

    You must become physically active and agile to speed up the burning of calories. This is the best way to make a high-calorie deficit which causes the loss of fat around the hip and waist area and its the fastest way to lose love handles for guys.

    Exercise regularly

    Some exercises are proven to be effective in losing love handles. Planks, crunches, and cycling are effective methods.

    They specifically target the fat around the abdominal area. They activate your metabolism causing it to burn calories effectively.

    Avoid Alcohol

    You need to cut the consumption of alcohol. It also leads to the deposition of fat because it is high in calories. And even a very little amount of alcohol can lead to a huge accumulation of fat. It also impairs digestion so making your body lose important nutrients.

    Medical Procedures

    There are medical processes as well which allow you a reduction of fat from such areas. Liposuction is one of such procedures in which the fat from a specific area is removed.

    This reduces the fat in less time without any physical activity. But the fat can come back if you do not change your lifestyle.

    How to lose love handles fast in 1 week?

    First method for this is surgery which is called Liposuction. Other way is You need to follow a strict and heath diet. You must need to do cardio and HIIT exercises so that your metabolism is increased and calories are burnt.

    Why do I have love handles if I’m skinny?

    Love handles depend on the deposition of fat. Your body stores them inaccessible area which is around the hips. So in stressful conditions, even skinny people can get love handles because of the body’s need for en

    Are Love Handles Genetic?

    You cant have love handles genetical. It occurs due to less physical activity, aging and etc.

    How to Get Rid of Love Handles in 3 days?

    You can get rid of love handles in 1 day and that can just be done with the surgery. You cant lose it by diet or workout in 3 days even in 3 weeks.


    Love handles are quite a stubborn kind of fats and they require a lot of hard work for shedding. It can take around weeks to months. So always be patient when trying to lose love handles.

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