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    Does Eyesight Problem Cause Headaches?

    Eyesight and headaches are interlinked on a number of occasions. Sometime, your headache might affect your vision and sometimes your vision might be the cause behind your headache. Although a headache isn’t an emergent medical situation but in case of prolonged headaches or serious throbbing headaches, it is best to consult the doctor right away and learn about the underlying cause.

    If you are experiencing frequent headaches and you believe that it has been quite some time since you got your eyesight checked then there might be reason to believe that your poor eyesight is causing the extreme headaches that you are experiencing.

    In case you wish to figure out whether there is any truth behind your assumptions, continue reading below. Today in this guide we are going to be discussing certain eyesight problems that can be the underlying cause behind your headaches. So let us go ahead and look at them in detail.

    Eye Strain

    Due to the increase in tech usage today, most of the office working individuals and students often end up with eye strains. Using the focus muscle in your eyes for a prolonged period can lead to headaches which can be quite extreme in certain causes.

    This problem occurs when the pixel resolution of your screen is distorted and you push your eyes to focus clearly on the screen. The over usage and extreme pressure on your eye muscle causes a headache behind your eyes.


    Individuals including children, who suffer from farsightedness often experience frequent headaches behind their eyes. It is one of the major eyesight problems that causes headaches. Since such individuals find it hard to see nearby objects thus subconsciously, they end up pushing their eye muscles more and more to focus on the object to get a clear vision. This can lead to extreme headaches which can get worse day by day depending on the activities.


    As you age, your body begins to deteriorate. Most commonly, individuals who cross the age of 40 often find it hard to focus on nearby objects. This condition is termed as Presbyopia in medical terms. Due to the deteriorating process, your vision gets blurry as you age and you end up with this unavoidable eyesight problem.

    Pushing your eyes to focus on nearby objects leads to headaches as in the case of farsightedness. Reading glasses can often help keep the headaches at bay. But in case they get extreme, CBD joints or Koi CBD can aid in controlling the headaches.

    Giant Cell Arteritis

    Giant Cell Arteritis, also known as temporal arteritis, is similar to your orthopedic arteritis. Instead of inflammation in the joints, inflammation occurs in the lining of arteries in and around your eye and runs along the temple. Due to lack of blood supply to the retina and the optic nerve, a throbbing and constant pain occurs in the temples.

    Various symptoms can individuate GCA, but the most common out of all are;

    • Fatigue
    • Pain when eating
    • Scalp tenderness
    • Muscle ache
    • Fever

    Most doctors consider GCA as a medical emergency because if left untreated or due to delayed diagnosis, one can experience vision loss in one or both the eyes. So it is best to consult your doctor right away.

    Acute Angle-Closure Glaucoma

    Acute angle-closure glaucoma (AACG) is a vision disorder in which the mid of your pupil dilates and causes redness in the eye and around the eye. You might experience blurred vision as well along with eye pain in case of extreme instances. The disorder can cause extreme headaches as well when should be treated as soon as possible.

    Ocular Ischemic Syndrome

    Ocular ischemic syndrome (OIS) is another vision disorder which occurs due to lack of blood flow to your eyes. Common warning signs are white spots on the retina which indicate lack of oxygen. Most common symptoms of Ocular ischemic syndrome are headaches, blurry vision, glaucoma, iris neovascularization and in extreme cases retinal hemorrhage.

    Herpes Zoster

    Herpes zoster is the reactivation of the chickenpox virus but instead of affecting the entire body, it only affects one side of the body. The outbreak of the virus leads to a series of painful blisters all over the body which can also affect the eyes leading to throbbing headaches.

    Herpes zoster that occurs near the eyes is considered a medical emergency. Since the blisters can affect the ocular nerves and eyes thus it is best to get help right away and late diagnosis can cause corneal clouding and optic nerve atrophy.


    If you believe any of these eyesight problems might be the reason behind your headaches then schedule an appointment right away to get your eyes checked. If you already wear glasses it shouldn’t be a problem for you but if you fear that you won’t look good in glasses thus doesn’t wanting to get your eyes checked then you are straining them furthermore. Don’t hurt yourself to look good because it is not worth it.

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