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    Comfortable & Chic: Find the Right Clothing for Your Body Type

    Dressing well is hard. Things that look good on the rack don’t look good on your body. You can chalk it up to not being skinny enough or too skinny. Maybe you’re too muscular or not muscular enough. Clothes just don’t look right on you or are uncomfortable. The problem is the women you see on billboards and magazines make it look so easy, but those clothes were made and explicitly altered for them. So what’s a girl must do to find outfits that work?

    We all have different beautiful body types, so it stands to reason that certain things look good on some of them, and certain things might not. The key is understanding your body and what clothes work best to build your outfit to look great and fit your body comfortably. Here’s how to find the right clothing for your body type.

    Inverted Triangle:

    An inverted triangle body shape is when your shoulders are wider than your hips. Usually, people with this body type don’t have a clear definition between their hips and their waist, have slimmer legs, and muscular shoulders and arms. The key with this body type is creating a balance between your broad shoulders and your slimmer lower half. You can do this by adding clothing that will emphasize your lower body so that your neckline and shoulders don’t stand out as much.

    To do this, wear pants that will draw attention, such as flares, baggy pants, or wide legs. Fit-and-flare dresses are great, as they have structure built into them. On top, v-necks and crew necks will help give the appearance of drawing in the shoulders to make them seem not as broad. Halter and boat-neck tops are not recommended. Finish your outfit off with heels or chunky shoes.


    Rectangle body shapes have the relatively same width between their shoulders and hips. They wear the same size as the top and the bottom. This is usually considered the athletic body type, but you don’t have to be particularly athletic for this to describe you. This body shape is also defined by having little definition between the waist and hips. Therefore, belts are great, as they provide that needed appearance of separation. If you wear jacket, always have a belt. Don’t wear anything straight on your top; this will further de-emphasize the definition between the waist and hips.

    This body type is great for pants. You have your pick of just about any style, whether it’s loose fitting or tight. Mid-rise jeans are particularly appealing, as they give your waist some attention, but anything will do. You can also wear tops with details on the shoulders, adding volume to your top. Puffy shoulders and even one-shoulder dresses will do.

    Regular Triangle:

    A regular triangle body shape is the opposite of an inverted triangle. Your lower half is broader than your upper half. As a result, you have wider hips and thighs. Therefore, you will want to choose pieces that will bring attention to your upper body. Modest blouses with bright colors or prints can do this, as can visually interesting necklines, such as sweetheart or boat necklines. Layering will add volume to your upper half and help provide the balance you’re looking for. When you choose tops, make sure to get the right length. They should just sit just above where your hips are the widest. You can also wear things accentuating your bust, such as a push-up bra.

    On the bottom, anything with a straight fit or that’s high-waisted will work. For dresses, choose A-lines, off-the-shoulder, and wraps These will flatter your curves and mute them just a bit to balance out your upper half.


    Hourglass bodies are the ones where the hips and shoulders are about equal, but there is a defined waist. This is the Marilyn Monroe look of having a significant chest, hips, and bottom. It is considered very feminine, so choose feminine pieces. The important thing with an hourglass figure is that you work with it instead of muting it. For example, fitted tops and v-necks must accentuate your bust without being too revealing. But, on the other hand, you don’t want anything boxy, and you don’t want layers.

    You also want to highlight your hips, and high-waisted pants are the solution. A form-fitting sheath dress is also perfect for this body shape. While you already have a narrower waist than your hips and shoulders, belts will provide further definition and draw the eye to it. The most important thing with this figure is that you show off the curves without showing too much skin.


    This one is also known as the apple body shape. This is a large upper body with no defined waistline. It can be hard to find pieces if you’re this body shape because you often will buy oversized things that will balance out your upper half. However, dressing proportionally is often your best bet if you have an apple body shape.

    Sometimes simplicity is best. For example, your tops should be monochrome or have subtle patterns on them. They should fit comfortably, but not skin tight and not too baggy.

    But for now, keep your tops and jackets more streamlined and simple. You don’t want to have shoulder details or embellishments that draw too much attention. Instead, you want to aim for a balanced look, so which means well-fitted, tailored tops and jackets that are not skin-tight. If you like dresses, pick options that are slim fit and end above the knee. Pencil skirts are also a good option, along with loose-fitting tops.

    The Best Clothing For Your Body Type

    It’s important to remember that if clothes don’t seem to fit you, your body is not the problem. All bodies are beautiful, you just have to choose the right clothes to complement yours.

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