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    How Mira Beauty is Disrupting the Cosmetics Industry

    Just a few short years ago our attention was caught up in social media by beauty bloggers and makeup influencers. We were glued to our screens soaking up all the blogs and video content we could find, full of drool-worthy product recommendations. It didn’t take long, however, for us to discover that most of these posts were actually advertisements and paid sponsorships. If we wanted real “boots on the ground” advice from our peers who have bought and used these products objectively, we needed to look elsewhere.

    That’s where Mira comes in. Mira is a brand new beauty product search engine that flawlessly combines content, community, and e-commerce. It gives you a single place to discover new products, read real unbiased reviews, and purchase your new favorites. Let’s take a look at how they do it.

    Why Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) For The Beauty Market?

    When tech nerds and beauty enthusiasts combine their talents, sometimes something magical happens. In this case, founders Jay and Brandon who had backgrounds in AI and computer technology, worked together on finding a solution to a common world of beauty problems – finding influencers who actually look like you so you can find the best beauty products to purchase. It’s hard to take beauty advice on formula and color from someone with a completely different skin tone or face shape. While they worked on this issue, they uncovered some deeper issues.

    Influencers are fun to watch but they are incentivized in a way that isn’t always in the consumer’s best interest. Basically, they get paid by brands to rave about their products. Jay and Brandon wondered if there was a way to use their knowledge of AI to create a platform that allowed real people to connect and share their beauty advice.

    Using AI is the perfect way to build a search engine to gather videos, images, reviews, and information and present it to the right people. Machine learning algorithms actually make the search engine improve upon itself the more data it gathers and the more people use it. Mira actually learns from its own users, making them part of the team.

    The Important Changes Mira Brings To The Way We Shop Online For Beauty

    While shopping for skincare and makeup products in stores will always be an option, more and more people are discovering new brands and beauty products online and making their purchase online as well. Doing your own product research can be scattered and a bit impulsive until you team up with the Mira beauty app. There are several important ways Mira is disrupting the old methods of online beauty shopping.

    • Brands are churning out new items left and right in order to keep up with the demand for highly personalized or custom products. Mira helps streamline these products, making it easy for you to find the ones meant for you.
    • User-generated reviews help you feel good about your purchase and create a sense of community.
    • You can give beauty advice and get advice from a massive community of beauty professionals and beauty lovers.
    • The future of online shopping is social, Mira is setting the perfect stage to making social selling and shopping easy and fun.

    The power of combining a growing community of tens of thousands of beauty professionals, beauty lovers, and novices helps everyone and anyone looking to make better purchasing decisions when it comes to finding the best makeup and skincare products that would be best for them personally.

    With so many big Ecommerce retailers out there that have tens of thousands of beauty products to choose from, it can be very overwhelming for shoppers to sift through all the various cosmetics products to actually find what would be best for them. Yeah, there are quizzes you can take and read up on user ratings & reviews, but often there is no human touch to help guide you along the way.

    Combining the growing beauty community with helpful content and easy access to purchase from thousands of makeup and skincare products via their simple to use Ecommerce platform, Mira is becoming a better beauty product purchasing gateway by leaps and bounds over old school competitors out there. Their users love to give advice and get advice too on thousands of the beauty products one would be interested in purchasing on Mira.

    They are the new influencers and they are helping disrupt the cosmetics industry in so many new ways. Most people have zero affiliation or share many interests with celebrity influencers but they do have more common interests with everyday people and that is who you’ll find and collaborate for the most part on Mira. With so many raving reviews by beauty shoppers of all types and tastes, it is testament to how well Mira helps these people every single day.

    If you never want to buy a bad beauty product again, then you should deeply consider using Mira the next time you want to find the best skincare or makeup products that are best for your skin and looks.

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