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    Makeup Tips for Women over 50: Best Tips and Techniques

    At a time when the fashion industry is finally accepting women above a certain age, there’s no better moment for older women to embrace cosmetics and have fun with them than now. “There are no rules!” just one caveat: “Wear the cosmetics, don’t let it wear you.” Rather than attempting to conceal flaws, focus on enhancing what you already have.

    Instead of trying to hide weaknesses, play up your assets.” From natural-looking covering to subtle eye-popping tricks.

    Countless beauty tips might improve your appearance, especially if you’re a lady over 50. Who has time for all of that, though? Allow me to show you a way to get to the top of the heap in the shortest time and most effective way possible with these 8 simple tips and techniques.

    Create a Glowing Base

    A committed skin-care routine: cleansing, moisturizing, and exfoliating are critical for maintaining a healthy complexion, especially over time. Apply a thin layer of moisturizing yet weightless moisturizer to clean skin before putting on makeup, heavy moisturizers are incompatible with makeup. After the moisturizer has fully absorbed, use a quick-absorbing primer to target areas with fine lines or dry patches.

    Primers help to smoothen out wrinkles and fine lines while evening out your skin’s color and making your makeup last longer by creating a smooth ground on which to put your foundation.

    If you’re wearing lipstick, apply a primer and a lip liner in the same color as the lipstick to avoid lipstick bleed or “feathering” into the fine vertical lines above and below the lips, which is common in older women. Every skin type has its primer, so choosing wisely will give you the best results.

    Begin with Your Eyes

    While many people start their makeup routine with foundation and powder, you want to avoid excess makeup settling in fine lines and wrinkles, you should start with your eyes. You want to open up the eyes and make them look as big as possible because it looks more youthful. To achieve this, consider putting on a pair of Starseed lashes that will accentuate your eyes while still maintaining a natural look.

    Go in with black eyeliner to create contrast between the eye color and the liner. While mascara and eyeliner are essential stages, eyeshadow is more of an accessory that can play up your style if you want it to. However, proceed with caution.

    Do not simply place a shadow in the center of the lid. Begin at the outer corner of the eyes and work inwards with a little eye brush, gradually lightening the color. Consider picking a random color from your outfit or pouch case to match your eyeshadow.

    Use Less Concealer

    You can’t cover wrinkles, so don’t attempt, because you will simply make them stand out more. As you get older, applying under-eye concealer becomes more difficult. For anyone with crepey-ness and fine lines, using the least amount of concealer possible will always look better and last longer because it will be less likely to crease.

    Using a beauty tool such as makeup brushes that do not stretch or tug at the delicate skin around your eyes during application is also essential. To effectively offset dark circles around the eyes, concentrate on the under eyes and inner corners. The inner corner of most women’s eyes darkens the most, as opposed to the outer corners, where you grin and have laugh lines.

    Warm up the Skin

    When selecting a foundation shade, you may be tempted to aim for an identical match, but go a shade or two warmer to avoid looking washed out. It can age you if it’s too matchy-matchy.

    After you’ve finished with the face, take a foundation brush and carefully blend it around the neck so it doesn’t look too obvious. Then go in with a bronzer, which isn’t only for the cheeks; everyone over 50 should apply it because it naturally warms up the complexion.

    Apply Complexion Perfecter under the cheekbone, down the sides of the nose, across the forehead, and under the jawline for a chiseled glow. Most of these makeup products are delicate: consider having custom sustainable packaging to store them.

    Avoid Using Face Powder

    Those days of touching up with face powder may have passed you by when you turn 50. Your makeup will still look good without it so you do not have to worry. You should avoid using a powder unless you have oily skin since powders make skin appear dry and is noticeable as it sits on fine facial hairs, which, unfortunately, many of us develop as we get older.

    When applying cream blush start by giving yourself a wide newscaster grin, then dab a small bit on the apples of your cheeks. Always remember that it’s simpler to put on makeup than it is to take it off, so start small and build up to what you’re comfortable with. Lightly blend upwards! Instead of going to the temples, head in that direction. The majority of the color should be on your apples. This will give you a lovely, natural look.


    Wearing makeup in your 50’s is not trying to look young, you wear your wrinkles with pride but embrace cosmetics to help you along the way. To achieve a simple makeup daily look observe the above-mentioned tips and techniques and you will rock it all through.

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