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    Super Saiyan Workout: The Key To Goku’s Strength

    Goku is one of the most legendary Super Saiyan anime protagonists of all time. We all have wished to have the strength and powers like Goku. Unfortunately, it’s not humanly possible. However, what we can get is a body like him with the right techniques and workout routines. Goku’s workout is not primarily about muscle building.

    He looks phenomenal even in ripped clothes, but if you ever watch all of Goku’s training scenes. They are not about just being muscular. A shredded body is a byproduct of his training, but he has very high muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance. If you want to train to become a robust and nice guy like him and wonder whether a fictional character’s routine would actually work in real life or not?

    Then discover it out by doing these workouts which are described below:

    One-Arm Push-ups

    For a clean, strong, mighty one-arm push-up, your goal is not to push through your arm because you do not want to lock your elbow. The goal is to push your body up off the floor to take the majority of your body’s weight and lift it.

    Most people think between the shoulder blades is where you need to push yourself but what you have to do is drive through the middle of your back. Find out where your balance points are in a push-up. You can feel it is closer to where your elbows almost come down, and this is your bounce point, and then you will have a nice strong push-up. For this to work well, keep your legs a little wider than a standard push-up and also keep your core tight and try to come as straight down as possible.

    you can find a partner to help you with one arm push-ups, but keep in mind your focus and your weight should be on your arm not on your partner.


    To get in the right position, place your feet onto the floor comfortably, and your knees will be a fist-distance apart. You can scan the hands up the thighs slowly, coming up to a seated position or you can keep them together, and as you come back down, the spine rolls. Try to come up as slowly as you can to increase the pressure on your hips and thighs. If you need to modify it, grab onto your thighs as you come up, exhale and inhale as you lower.

    Moreover, to make it a little bit more challenging, you can take the arms over the head, legs are straight and shoulder down the spine and tuck the chin, slowly lift it, and then roll back down. Avoid swinging and pulling forward but take it nice and slow.

    Hand-stand Press-ups

    It would be best if you had a wall to keep your balance against, and for the hand-stand press-ups try to build the balance. What makes this move unique is that it shifts your entire body weight on your arms. Initially, you can use the wall for balance but we strongly suggest leaving the wall as soon as you find the balance.

    However, despite the wall excluding the balancing aspect, it is still a pretty tough exercise to perform. It allows you to focus more on your arms and getting more repetition in there, increasing and building strength in that press. Get as close as you can to the ground staring at the same point in between your hands. Let your elbows come out, and then press back up. As you push back up, you are pressing with your fingertips, keeping your body straight like a pencil.

    Hanging Crunches

    For this exercise, you can go over to a light fitness cable machine or hang from a bar and bring your legs up, sticking through and then wrap your legs around and make sure to tighten your legs as much as you can. Flex your hamstrings, your quads, your calves, and point your toes down to the ground. Go nice and slow and make sure you do not fall and start your hand straight down, then bring your hands in and crunch up and then come down and breathe out the way in.

    If you are able to perform all these exercises effortlessly, then all you need to do is add some weights to make them more challenging. The point when you are able to perform all of them and more with weights is the point we suggest you buy a Goku costume because you, my friend, are a Super Saiyan.

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