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    Top Tips To Maintain Hair Shine At Home

    Everyone wants shiny hair but most people lack the knowledge on how to achieve and maintain shiny hair or the time to work on their hair to achieve the desired results. Shiny hair is healthy hair and below are tried and tested ways to achieve that hair glow.

    Minimize Heat During Styling

    Some styles like blow-dry, flat iron, and dryer require you to expose your hair to heat. It is important to apply heat protectants to your hair since, during these styling practices, moisture is drawn from your hair leaving it looking dry and dull. Also, use oils and conditioners which help your hair retain moisture during and after heat styling.

    Investing in an ionic blow-dryer is another way to ensure your hair has that smooth, shiny, and sleek finish. It prevents hair damage by using low temperatures to dry hair faster while releasing negative ions which reduce static electricity hence closing hair cuticles. Open hair cuticles are breakage-prone, cause hair roughness and reduce shine.

    It is important to use heat styling tools appropriately and with caution to moderate heat damage. Always start from root to edge, in the direction of the cuticles while straightening hair using a blow dryer. Choose hair dryers made of ceramic and tourmaline as they allow even distribution of heat. For vibrant hair color, mirror glaze shine, and extraordinary soft hair you should use hair gloss.

    Use Protective Hair Products

    As you go about your business daily your hair is exposed to pollutants, summer heat, and UV rays that damage your hair. Investing in products that protect your hair from heat and UV rays is a great idea.

    Use Oils And vitamin E

    While grabbing a shimmering spray for a quick fix shine may seem awesome, using lightweight oils such as Argan oil and jojoba oil help lock in moisture preventing dryness and boosting hair shine for longer periods of time. Massaging your hair and scalp using vitamin E oil as pre-shampoo nourishes hair strands promoting a healthy shine. An apple cider vinegar rinse is another hair regimen to consider as it promotes hair shine and restores radiance.

    Even as you take all these measures to achieve shiny hair, remember to hydrate, have a well-balanced diet, and increase your Vitamin A and C uptake and omega-3 fatty acids as these play a key role in having healthy and shiny hair.

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