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    Top Tips For Travelling to Montenegro

    Once considered a hidden gem for holiday seekers, Montenegro is quickly rising in popularity. It hasn’t yet become an overcrowded beach environment, though, so if you have ever thought about planning a holiday to this historical and scenic country, now is the time.

    Before you set off for beautiful Montenegro, there are a few things you should consider working into your holiday plans that will help you have the most enjoyable and relaxing time imaginable.

    Reserve a Villa

    Holidays in Montenegro can become much more luxurious than your ordinary holiday by booking the right accommodations for yourself and anyone you might be travelling with. If you have never stayed in a villa before, you won’t want to spend your future holidays anywhere else after experiencing the space, privacy, and amenities that you get when you do so.

    Because practically every view in Montenegro belongs on a postcard, you can rest assured that your villa will deliver on that front. Furthermore, you can take in said view from the comfort of your own private swimming pool. What could be better than that?

    Schedule Time to Go Out and About

    When you visit a place as relaxing and laid back as Montenegro, it can be all too tempting to spend your entire holiday lounging poolside or taking in some sun on the beach. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this plan, you would be missing out on some of the incredible experiences that this country has to offer.

    If you are set on staying near the water, there are plenty of water activities and boat tours to take part in while in Montenegro. The Bay of Kotor, with its hidden coves and little islets, has something that every type of traveller can enjoy. Do yourself a favour and schedule some time during your holiday specifically for outings.

    Whether you are the type who likes to explore culturally rich cities full of charm or the sort who would rather see the mountainous views from a paddleboard, Montenegro will be sure to satisfy your every expectation for your holiday.

    Sample the Incredible Food

    The cuisine of Montenegro is another facet of this quaint country that won’t disappoint. You will certainly have your fair share of fresh seafood to partake in as dishes containing prawns and fish are in ample supply, but there are a number of other local dishes that you don’t want to miss.

    One of the most well-known dishes that you must try is Njeguški stek, which does credit to the excellent way in which Balkan cuisine generally grills up tasty meats. Montenegro is also known for its smoked cheeses, and this dish contains a fair sampling of that as well.

    Lastly, no trip to Montenegro would be complete without taking the time to visit one of several wineries that are spotted around Lake Skadar. Take in the views while indulging in locally made wines that pair perfectly with delicious smoked cheeses and hams that do credit to Montenegrin cuisine.

    Take on board the top three tips if you want to ensure your holiday to Montenegro is something you remember forever.

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