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    5 Tips for the Summer Bride

    Summer and fall are the most popular seasons to get married in, and for a good reason. Nature and weather are wonderful during these seasons, especially in early summer. Summer weddings are great because they can take place outdoors, and the bride and groom, along with all their guests, can enjoy the big day in an outdoor space.

    However, with summer weddings comes preparation. Brides need to prepare so they can enjoy a summer wedding to the fullest. There are a few things that brides can do to prepare for a summer wedding.

    #1. Start Shopping Early

    A bride should always start shopping for wedding dresses as early as possible. Finding the perfect wedding dress for the bride can be difficult, which is why it’s important to look early. It also helps to allow time for dress alterations, so the bride isn’t under unnecessary stress.

    The great thing about being a summer bride is that they can wear many different wedding dresses, as there’s a wide range of styles that already fits the season perfectly. Brides can choose from shorter dresses, mermaid styles, bohemian styles, or even backless and off-the-shoulder styles. You can also opt for a shorter dress to accommodate a beach wedding.

    #2. Find a Venue with Natural Light

    Most summer weddings are very hot because of the warm climate, and a bride doesn’t want to mess up her makeup or hair because of this. To combat the warm weather, brides should opt for a venue with natural light and open space to avoid creating more heat in a cramped venue.

    Finding a venue with natural light allows for some photos to be taken indoors, ensuring the bride doesn’t have to stand outside in the heat for hours. This also allows for a break in air conditioning for the wedding party.

    #3. Find the Right Hairstyle

    Finding the right hairstyle is another essential part of preparing for a summer wedding. For success on the big day, brides should practice with a hairstylist before the wedding, as it’s the perfect time to try out different hairstyles and methods. Summer brides can opt for updos to help beat the heat.

    When it comes to updos, brides can choose from many styles. Some of these styles include a classic low or high bun, a braided bun, a topknot, or even retro glam with bangs. However, if brides have short hair, wearing it mostly down would work fine, too. In this case, the bride could dress it up with flowers or a crown.

    #4. Offer Refreshments

    Offering refreshments to guests during a summer wedding is paramount due to the heat. It’s important to plan for water stations, cocktail stations, or minibars to cater to everyone’s needs. Minibars and drink stations are a unique way to present the drinks, as the bride can add personal touches to the area with signage, fairy lights, or flowers.

    Some of the most popular cocktail recipes include vodka or gin, lemonade, and different kinds of refreshing fruit. The bride could even hire a bartender for the night to craft special drinks or provide recipe cards, alcohol, mixers, and fruit so guests can make something for themselves. Offer fun mocktails for those who want a refresher without the alcohol.

    #5. Protect Against the Sun

    Protection against the sun is probably one of the most important aspects of hosting a summer wedding. Not only should the bride and groom provide sunscreen and wear it while taking photos, but they also need to provide shaded areas for guests to cool down. If a large venue for the ceremony is off the table, the bride and groom can always decide to rent out tents with portable air conditioning systems so guests get a break from being in the heat.

    It’s also best to opt for a late afternoon wedding, as the ultraviolet (UV) rays are at their lowest during this time of day. You can also provide fans as a wedding favor for your guests to take home. You can even have your wedding party walk out in fun shades during the reception to add a bit of excitement to the day.

    Summer Weddings Can Be Creative

    Summer weddings can be unique, creative, and fun for all involved, even with hot temperatures. Brides and guests should remember to wear breathable attire and stay hydrated. Offering refreshments and protection against the sun is also paramount for summer weddings, so everyone can have a good time without succumbing to the heat.

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