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    Men’s Summer Fashion Has Arrived | 4 Great Looks

    When it comes to men’s summer fashion, this year there is a wide range of choice. Every guy can look great and feel confident in comfortable, well-designed menswear that complements his sense of style.

    Whether you love a classic look, lean toward retro, favor western fashion, or prefer to lounge in athleisure, you’re going to find clothes and accessories that will express your individual taste. Here are some of the stand-out men’s summer fashion trends for 2023.

    #1. Preppy Pieces:

    The preppy style continues to be popular, as shown by the wide array of classic clothing that falls into this category. With a few preppy basics, you can create a smart business-casual look that goes from the office to date night. Top a pair of comfortable shorts with a chino shirt for a slightly more elevated look that still fits a day in the park or a backyard barbecue.

    This year, you’ll find that pastels are everywhere. It’s breakout decision that can liven up to your wardrobe and turn heads. But if you’re not sold on wearing colors on this part of the spectrum, khaki is an alternative that’s also on-trend at the moment.

    Remember, during the dog days of summer you’ll need to stay cool, so gravitate towards lighter fabrics in a polo or button-up shirt. A few basic tee shirts are a must, as are sweaters in pastel or neutral summer tones and some casual slip-on shoes.

    Make sure that you have a few pairs of shorts or casual pants in darker colors like black or navy as well. A fresh design in denim or neatly tailored athletic shorts will add flexibility. With just a few of these pieces, you’ll be ready to mix and match so you’ll stand out smartly for any occasion.

    #2. Western Wear:

    Here’s another look that stands the test of time. This approach to menswear exudes strength and toughness, harkening back to a bygone era when people were more connected to nature and the outdoors. The rugged western look is a hard-working style that speaks of functionality and practicality. It’s also served as artistic inspiration for some of the top menswear designers of the past decades: just look at some Adam Kimmel men’s summer designs for proof.

    This summer season, you’ll see a variety of attractive shirts with a western theme. You can select from tailored designs with appealing plaids or bold solids with ornate stitching and snap closures. Button up one of these eye-catching pieces and tuck it into a pair of classic or bootcut blue jeans in faded denim or black.

    Complete the picture with a leather belt and western-themed belt buckle and a handsome pair of Western boots. One of the best things about the western trend is that it’s a great look that almost anyone can pull off. Make sure to always have a few pieces in your closet.

    #3. Remember Retro:

    If you want to stay in step with the present this summer, return to the past. Retro looks continue to be popular. Replicating the clothes of the 80s and 90s, the retro styles that are most popular right now are throwbacks to a time when everyone was wearing color.

    Opt for retro looks with strong shades, color-block designs, bold patterns, and prints. You’ll discover this trend spans a diversity of fabrics and designs in every type of clothing imaginable. There are summer jackets, sportswear, shorts, tees, and polo shirts with the retro influence. One mark of this fashion trend is the number of visible logos on clothing.

    And, speaking of patterned shirts, these are very “in” at the moment. For example, one of the most sought-after patterns are Hawaiian themed prints featuring palm trees and colorful flowers and birds. It was the 1930s when shirts were first adorned this way. Almost 100 years later, these prints still exude a fun vacation vibe that’s perfect for summer.

    Another nod to the 90s can be found in the newest pants, which feature a more relaxed fit. You’ll uncover an assortment of options that includes wider legs and flared bottoms. When it comes to shoes, choose a chunky look with thick soles.

    #4. Make it Military:

    Another trend for men’s summer fashion is military-inspired clothing. This style never really went away. But what’s different now is that it’s really hit the runway. While it’s always been possible to score a few pieces of military-type wear at army surplus stores, there are both quirky and classic military-inspired designs at fashion houses and menswear stores today.

    Similar to western wear, the attraction of the military look is that it’s a clean, strong style that is truly timeless. Today’s looks modernize the military aesthetic with contemporary touches that have broad appeal.  

    To dip your toe into this trend, opt for chino pants, white tee shirts, and aviator sunglasses. All these started out as standard-issues for soldiers before they became fashionable for the average American man. Purchase a pair of combat boots and a field jacket for cooler summer days and to carry your wardrobe into fall.

    Mix and Match to Create your Own Style

    With such a wide range of trends in men’s summer fashion this year, every guy out there is going to find a style that fits his aesthetic. Mix and match the trends, or go all in on one style for a bold look. Above all, choose what makes you feel comfortable and confident, and you’ll be looking great all summer.

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