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    Beauty Benefits of Drinking Water that Every Girl Should Know

    Want to ramp up your beauty routine without investing in a ton of new products or professional treatments? Here’s our best tip: Drink more water. It’s as simple as that! H2O is essential to the proper function and health of every part of the body, including the skin, hair, nails and teeth. Water helps us by delivering vital nutrients and clearing away harmful toxins, encouraging beauty at every age. Here are some incredible beauty benefits to drinking water.

    It Makes Your Skin Glowy : Honestly, who doesn’t want a natural glow? Think of H2O as a fundamentally hydrating natural highlighter that gives your skin a healthy glow, like you just used a facial mist or powder highlighter. As we age and our skin becomes more and more damaged, dullness is inevitable, but staying hydrated and using high-quality products can help.

    It Keeps Wrinkles at Bay : Dry, wrinkly skin — is there anything worse? The fact of the matter is that dry skin is more prone to wrinkling, but staying hydrated can prevent that from happening, leaving the skin with a more flexible, elastic feel. Not only is dry skin less resilient and more prone to wrinkling, but it also makes existing fine lines and wrinkles appear more prominent.

    It Makes Your Skin Look Plump : Water literally plumps up the skin cells, which in turn gives your skin that healthy, happy look. Aging skin tends to lose its plump appearance over time because the skin starts to sag due to a loss of collagen and elastin, but water is a natural skin plumper that helps replenish the moisture and ward off saggy, tired-looking skin.

    It Helps Banish Blemishes : Water is essential to helping your kidneys flush out toxins and impurities, two things that can clog the pores and trigger blemishes. If you’re looking for a simple way to keep acne or occasional breakouts under control, be sure to drink ample water morning, noon and night.

    It Helps Control Weight : If you’re trying to lose weight, make sure you have a solid hydration plan in place. Drinking water can help you shed a few pounds by reducing your overall liquid calorie intake. In other words, if you’re drinking lots of H2O, you’re a lot less likely to drink sugary sodas or alcohol, which can lead to weight loss. Water may also help you burn fat and function at your best while working out, which can help you burn more calories and lose weight. Staying hydrated throughout the day can actually curb your appetite.

    It’s very common for our bodies to get confused and send us feelings of hunger when we’re actually just thirsty. Have you ever finished a big meal and not even an hour later you already feel hungry again? Try drinking some water instead to see if your body was just politely asking for some hydration.

    It Helps Regulate Blood Pressure : The body uses water to regulate blood pressure in a few different ways. When it doesn’t have enough water, it turns to sodium to improve its fluid supply and puts more pressure on the arteries, which raises blood pressure. So what does blood pressure have to do with beauty, you ask? Studies show that there is a direct link between blood pressure and skin aging. So not only will lowering your blood pressure help reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular disease, it may also help beautify your skin.

    It Helps Your Hair Grow : Like basically all other processes in your body, hair growth relies on water. Drinking water helps improve hair health in a ton of different ways, from making strands longer and stronger to giving them a little extra shine without any expensive hair treatments or conditioners.

    It Wards Off Dandruff : Another way that drinking water helps your hair is by conditioning the scalp. One of the most important roles of the scalp is to keep out bad substances, such as germs and bad bacteria, and seal in good stuff, like water and nutrients. A dehydrated scalp is dry, flaky and itchy, which can prevent it from doing its job. As a result, the scalp is unable to regulate the bacteria that triggers dandruff, which can worsen the condition.

    It Strengthens and Lengthens Nails : Without the proper hydration, your fingernails and toenails will become brittle, fragile and thin. On the other hand, when you drink enough water, they retain moisture and grow thicker and stronger. Water also helps replenish the moisture that’s often compromised due to dehydrating products, like nail polish remover and chemicals in polishes.

    It Improves Your Smile : Overall, drinking more water is a great way to improve your dental health. Water improves your smile by strengthening the teeth with fluoride and by helping get rid of the decay-causing bacteria in your mouth. On top of that, people who drink more water throughout the day tend to consume fewer sugary drinks that can cause cavities and tooth decay.

    How to Drink More Water

    So now that you know all the amazing things a little aqua can do to your beauty routine, how do you work drinking more water into your daily life? Our best advice is to invest in a good glass water bottle that’s easy to refill throughout the day and can be washed in the dishwasher each night. Grab a cute, functional style that matches your personality so you don’t forget it when you head out the door.

    Make sure you’re getting at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water (about 64 ounces) each day. An easy way to remember to do that is to invest in a 32 oz water bottle and refill it twice throughout the day. Adding in some tasty fruit infusions or healthy flavorings can help remind you to keep the sipping going all day long. By adding a little extra H2O to your daily routine, you’ll be able to reap all these amazing beauty benefits without a ton of extra effort.

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