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    Tips To Help You Plan a Guided Kayaking Vacation

    Kayaking provides a fun way to spend time outdoors while at the same time acts as a form of exercise. Are you wondering how to spend your vacation? Then kayaking is your best shot because it’s ideal for beginners, intermediate, and expert kayakers.

    Here are some essential tips to help you plan a guided kayaking vacation.

    Number of guides

    While planning a guided kayak trip, make sure to find an outfitter that has many guides. The point is, you don’t want to go on a journey where the guide gets overwhelmed by the number of kayakers. Ideally, two guides should instruct a group of 12 people.

    Also make sure that out of the two guides, one is the lead while the other is the assistant. Some companies tend to use assistant guides in disguise for lead guides. Of course, you want to be in the hands of an expert for safety purposes.

    Available equipment

    Most outfitting companies have equipment for the vacationers such as protective clothing, tents, and sleeping bags. Make sure the company you choose for your guided kayak vacation has well-maintained equipment. Nobody would want to be out in the wild with uncomfortable gear.

    Also, ensure that the kayaking company has a variety of kayak paddles. Ideally, paddles exist in different variations to suit different users. However, expert kayakers can use arms to paddle the boat, which either way isn’t comfortable in the long run.

    Consider the weather

    Depending on the season, you want to enjoy your vacation, ensure to carry appropriate apparel. Besides, if travelling to a different country, the weather becomes unpredictable sometimes. Therefore, it’s wise to have several layers of clothing to make your trip comfy.

    However, avoid carrying so many clothes because you’ll have to carry your bags on your boat while kayaking. It’s worth noting that, the heavier your luggage, the heavier the boat and consequently more difficult to paddle. Of course, you want to have fun while enjoying the waters and the sceneries and not worry about your heavy bags.

    Time to spend on the water

    You should consider the number of hours your guide wants you to spend on the water. For instance, as a beginner, it’s impossible to spend more than 4 hours paddling. However, if you’re an expert kayaker, consider taking a guided trip that can allow you about 6 hours of paddling.


    If you love adrenaline rushes from spending nights in the wild, then kayaking is ideal for you. However, ensure that you get details of the operating camps. Some outfitters have base camps while others allow vacationers to sleep at different locations.

    If you’re just starting as a kayaker, consider a trip with a base camp. It not only makes the journey easy but also saves you the energy to keep carrying your equipment. Besides, a base camp is safe if you don’t like taking risks.

    However, if you’re the adventure-loving type of kayaker, then you should consider taking a guided trip with moving camps. The experience allows you to explore different places while at the same time ticking off your bucket list of camping in the wild.

    Travel distance

    If you’re travelling as a group, you should consider the distance and time required to get there. Since most guided kayak trips take more than a day, consider the time of arrival so that you have ample time setting up your tent and other equipment.

    One tip that always works when travelling to a different destination is arriving earlier so that you have enough time to familiarize yourself with the surrounding.

    In summary, guided kayak vacations are fun, safe, and convenient for beginners and experts alike. Besides, when kayaking as a group, you get to socialize with like minded people. However, before setting out for your paddling vacation, use this guide as a checklist to help you have a smooth time.

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