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    Sleek And Sophisticated | Unveiling the Magic of Tom Ford Eyewear

    Design is an integral part of everyday life. How every design is communicated depends on the designer. Everyone has a creative side, not only professional designers get to hold that creator title. You can create your own design as well. With Tom Ford eyewear, you can showcase your inner designer.

    Let us discuss how you can look sophisticated and chic when you wear Tom Ford eyeglasses to spice up your look.

    Firstly, there are different types of frames: full-rimmed, rimless, and half-rimmed. Full-rimmed lenses have an edge for the full ends of lenses where lenses sit comfortably in. Rimless frames, however, do not have this edge. While half-rimmed frames have part of the frames edged. In half-rimmed frames, just the top half has an edge. They can also be referred to as semi-rimless. These rims are mostly made of plastic.

    Now, the main thing to consider is picking the best frame for your face shape. Not all frames are made equal, so choosing the one that best flatters the shape of your face is important. You can do this by examining your face in the mirror. The important parts of your face to note are the forehead length and width, mid-face width, and jawline.

    Some examples of face shapes are heart-shaped, triangular, square, diamond shape, and oval. Depending on the widths and lengths of parts of your face, you can figure out which of those shapes your face is, and what frame shape goes best with it.

    Another thing to consider is your lifestyle. Going for a frame that fits your lifestyle will make you look unique. Stick to what you like and let it be flaunted proudly. If you are an outgoing person, picking eyewear that would be used most of the time would be a good idea.

    Choosing matching colors is also an important factor if you want to stand out. Pick a frame that will complement your skin tone. For instance, if you have a warm skin tone, frames in brighter colors will go well. On the other hand, frames in darker colors will look good for you, if you have a cool skin tone.

    In addition, you can add other accessories or decorative elements to your Tom Ford eyeglasses.


    After going through the experience of picking out the best frame to give you a sleek appearance, you should not forget to maintain your eyewear properly. Despite that Tom Ford frames can withstand daily use and wear, it is still important to care for them the right way. You can maintain your designer Tom Ford frames with these few tips:

    Rinsing: Before wiping your glasses with a cloth, always remember to rinse them in lukewarm water. Some lenses can also be cleansed with chemical lens cleansers. But, for photochromic and anti-reflective lenses, it is better to use just water to rinse them before cleaning. Ensure to use sprays or cleansers that are specifically made for lenses on your eyeglasses. Avoid using chemicals that are unrecommended.

    Air Drying: If you can, you should let your eyeglasses air dry. This will avoid other materials on your lenses, keeping them clean and free of dirt that may not be seen with the eyes.

    Using The Right Clothing Material: Many people use the tail of their clothes to clean their eyeglasses. You should avoid this and use the recommended clothor eraser that comes with the frame in the glasses case. Do not use tissues or napkins either.

    Handling: You must handle your frames carefully. When wearing or taking them off, it is advisable to use both hands. Hold them on either temple and gently remove them. Do not use one hand to remove your eyeglasses from one side of the face. This can cause your frame to break if handled roughly.

    Storage: When your glasses are not in use, make sure you place them safely in the provided case. The frame case may be made of leather or plastic. Choose anyone according to your preference for storing your frames.

    Placing: Sitting your frame correctly in the frame is also important. Avoid putting your glasses with the lenses down anywhere. Let the arms or handle rest folded against where you put the frame.

    Wash: Washing your frame or eyeglasses at least once a day is also a great way to care for them.

    Final Thoughts

    Tom Ford eyeglasses provide you with the best options to give you that desired elegant look. Do not forget to match your eyeglasses with your lifestyle. This will give you an overall sleekness. Be proud of your look, and wear your design with class and confidence.

    Also, as discussed, remember there are certain things to not do to your frames. Examples include avoiding the use of napkins, paper towels, tissues, or the edge of your clothes to clean your eyeglasses. Products that include acetone, like nail removers, should also be avoided when cleaning your frames, as they may lose their color, hence, lack elegance.

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