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    Why Am I Craving Potatoes? [All FAQs Explained]

    If you crave potatoes then there is numerous reason behind your craving it is probably due to a lack of water in your body and mainly it is a great source of fiber and carbohydrates that are found in potatoes.

    Further, it is also a great source of energy and nutrients additionally many people crave it dues to its delicious taste and unique texture.

    In this article, we discuss all possible causes for potatoes craving and I hope this information will help you to understand the reason for your craving.

    Why Am I Craving Potatoes

    If you are craving potatoes then firstly you have to identify the main cause of your craving. There are so many reasons that cause potatoes craving lets to discuss them in detail successively for better understanding.

    Lack of essential nutrients:

    The term nutrient deficiency means that you are not getting enough nutrients such as vitamins and minerals as result it causes a number of problems. They are very essential to your function properly.

    potatoes is a great source of vitamin c, vitamin b, and potassium. If you are deficient in these three nutrients that’s why you crave potato. Our body acquires vitamin c to improve our immune system and prevent cancer further it is also good for your skin. If your body is low in vitamin c it causes a craving for potato and eating enough potato in your diet easily satisfies your craving.

    You Lack Carbohydrates & Fiber:

    Carbohydrates are the main source of energy and one of the important macronutrients in the diet along with fats and protein. Potatoes are a great source of carbohydrate and fiber and craving potato is an indication sign that your body lack carbohydrate and fiber.

    If you are deficient in these nutrients it cause cravings so add potato to your diet to satisfy your urge further it’s a healthy option for vegetarians who are found for a meat substitute.


    Dehydration happens when you use or lose more fluid than you take in and your body doesn’t have adequate water and other fluids to perform the daily tasks. Dehydration is must a reason behind potato cravings because they have a high composition of water about 77%.

    Daily intake of potato easily full field the water requirement of your body and also helps to stay hydrated all day.

    How to Stop Craving Potatoes?

    If you want to stop craving it you have to eat enough amount of potato in your diet it may help to stop craving it.

    Additionally, you can eat other alternatives to potato that provide the same nutrient to your body such as Cauliflower, Celery root, Yam, Cassava, Sweet potatoes, Carrots, Rutabaga, and Radishes.

    Craving Potatoes During Pregnancy

    Craving potato during pregnancy could be a sign that your body is deficient in nutrients like protein, fat, and carbohydrates which are very necessary for the proper growth of the baby. Mood swings might be a reason behind cravings and potato contain Carbohydrates that stimulate the creation of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that uplifts the mood.

    In this situation, women need an extra amount of these nutrients furthermore potato is full of benefits and also gives prevention from many diseases. It is a fiber-rich food that keeps your body fit. Due to hormonal changes, many women crave it because they miss the unique texture of potato.

    Can you Eat too Many Potatoes?

    Yes, you can eat too much potato the reason is clear in front of you as it is full of benefits and healthy food for you. Additionally, it provides a great number of nutrients to your body.

    If you really like the taste of potato and you want it daily then you have to fix a sufficient amount of it according to your need. Keep in mind overeating causes digestion problems in result your stomach becoming upset and you feeling discomfort and pain in your stomach.


    In this whole discussion, we talk about craving for potato and the reason behind them furthermore we also talk about the other situation in which you crave potato. Overall potato  is very beneficial and keeps us healthy and fit. mainly potatoes are excellent source of carbohydrates which is a healthy part of your diet. I hope this information is helpful for you and clarifies your thoughts regarding potato cravings.

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