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    Summer Wedding Attire Ideas for Men | Top 4

    Attending a summer wedding is very different from attending one at any other time of the year. For men, the dress code is a lot more open, meaning they have numerous options when picking what to pack and wear. Summer is the best time to opt for lighter materials, interesting color combinations, and playful accessories. This guide will give you an idea of what to pack and wear to a summer wedding as a gentleman.

    Go with a Lightweight Suit

    It is almost impossible to go wrong with a formal or casual suit depending on the location and venue. The most important thing to remember, since you will be attending a summer wedding, is to pick lightweight materials. Options like seersucker and linen are best for these occasions but avoid wool or other heavier and less breathable fabrics.

    You can also go with suit separates, but keep the level of formality in mind. Suit separates are not appropriate for formal weddings, such as white tie, black tie, and black tie optional. Regardless, have fun with your suit selection if the venue and type of wedding allow you to.

    Mind the Venue and Location

    Not every type of wedding or wedding venue has a dress code or strict dress rules. Regardless, you should pack depending on the type of wedding you are invited to. For example, you would pack very differently for a formal venue like a historical site or country club than you would for a beach wedding.

    Remember that you do not always have to pack just what you will wear on the wedding day because there may be other things to do as part of the wedding party. For example, a beach wedding might involve a swim afterward or on the day following the wedding. For such an occasion, packing men’s designer swim briefs alongside what you will wear at the wedding is a good idea so you are prepared.

    Go with Neutral Colors

    Whether you go with suit separates, a dressier look, or a laid-back one, a summer wedding allows you to experiment with different colors. Earthy neutrals like brown, olive, and beige have become popular in recent years, and you will see many guests dressed in these colors.

    Leave the darker colors for the colder seasons, since they absorb and retain heat and will make you very uncomfortable under the summer sun.

    Go Completely Casual

    You can also go completely casual if the wedding allows it. When doing this, choose a button-down shirt paired with casual trousers. You can go with a pair of chinos to complete the outfit. Some beach wedding locations allow guests to go barefoot or wear flip-flops, so find out if this is an option if it is your preference.

    You can also forgo a tie but wear a lightweight coat to complete the outfit if you do this.

    A summer wedding gives you more flexibility and freedom in choosing your attire and its colors. However, always check the rules and respect the groom’s and bride’s decisions on attire. While the venue might allow you to experiment, the groom’s and bride’s wishes should always be on your mind.

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