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    11 Awesome Drop Fade Haircut for Men

    Hair style is one of those things which make fashion incomplete without them. For men, hair style is probably the main thing that they care about, when it comes to fashion. In this Content, We have mentioned some of the best haircuts which falls in the drop fade haircut category and you should try these styles.

    And it is the biggest factor for them to get the attraction of other people, especially the attraction of the opposite sex. So it is important to maintain a matching and attractive hair style. When we consider about the haircuts for men, they differ according the style of the person. But there are some haircuts which make any man handsome with those haircuts.

    Fade haircuts are one of those haircuts which most of the men like and they are pretty cool to have. When it comes to fade haircuts, there are so many types or styles available and following are some of the best fade haircuts that you can have.

    11 Best Drop Fade Haircuts For Men

    So you should got a clear idea about what a fade hairstyle or haircut is and as mentioned above, there are so many types of fade haircuts which you can try. Following are some of the best haircuts that you can have.

    #1. Drop Taper Fade:

    Someone who wants not to show much skin should go for the drop taper fade. Also its looks very nice, neat and tidy. Its finish is very clean and you will love it ones you get it from a processional haircuter.

    #2. Drop Fade with Disconnected Undercut:

    Drop Fade with Disconnected Undercut
    Image Credit : Pinterest

    This is a pretty cool haircut to have. In this certain haircut, there is a very significant contrast in the length of the hair on top and the hair in sides and back. This is one of the unique features of the drop fade with disconnected undercut hair style. The hair in the top is much longer than the hair in back and sides, so that you can give any style to the top.

    When having this cut finishing is really important because if any little error in the lines of the sides and back occur, it will be highlighted as the hair in sides and back are much shorter.

    So that is your barber’s responsibility and skill to give a nice looking haircut with a great finishing. Try this fade hairstyle and you will get a whole lot of attention.

    #3. Drop Fade with Pompadour:

    Drop Fade with Pompadour
    Image Credit : Pinterest

    This is an all-rounder kind of fade haircut type. If you need to look neat on any occasion, then this is the best haircut that suits you. Drop fade with pompadour hair cut reminds you the era of Elvis, because he also had a pompadour like in this haircut. But this specific haircut has a much modern touch because of the fade feature in the sides and back. This will without a doubt help you to have the attraction of women, because it gives that manly look which women are looking for.

    And it is the perfect haircut which you can have with a business attire. Another important feature of this haircut is its lines. They are so clear and neat which makes you hairstyle more elegant. So it should be obvious why it is mentioned as an all-rounder kind of haircut.

    #4. Drop Fade with Slick Back:

    Drop Fade with Slick Back
    Image Credit : Pinterest

    The slick back fade hairstyle is one of those haircuts which can be used for multiple occasions. If you are working in a place wearing all the officials like long sleeves and ties, then this will be the perfect haircut for you to have. In this haircut, again same as other fade haircuts, it has the fade feature. But in the sides, it does not go as lower as other fade haircuts to start the fading feature. And if your barber is much more than a barber, he will make some more additions to the haircut. There is this one thing which is done by some barbers.

    They extend the fade for the beard along the sideburns and then match it to the length of the beard. That brings a unique look for a man and it is really attractive. And it is very important for the finishing to be better in this haircut. So give some importance to that factor too.

    #5. Drop Fade with Curls:

    Drop Fade with Curls
    Image Credit : Menshairstylesnow

    Not like straight hair, when you do a fade haircuts for a curly hair that brings a very unique look for a man. So this is one of the very frequent haircuts on trending among the curly haired men. This haircut makes you look young and attractive.

    When you keep some length in the top, since the hair is curly, it tends to get messy. It is not an issue for a casual occasion because it has another nice look when the curly hair is messed. But if you are attending an official occasion, your hair need to be neat and nice.

    So apply some gel or paste with your finger tips and arrange your hair on top. Use a dryer for more efficient placement, so that you will look great on the occasion. So if you have a curly hair, you should try this haircut because it is a cool hair style to have.

    #6. Drop Fade with French Crop:

    Drop Fade with French Crop
    Image Credit : Menshairstylesnow

    Drop fade with French crop hair cut is another type of fade that you can have. In this haircut, you will be having much shorter length hair even in the top. As usual as in other fade haircuts, the hair in sides and back will have the typical fade feature. The special factor is that the hair in top too will gradually lengthen the hair from back to front and the fringe will end up in the middle of the forehead above the eyebrows.

    So you will not have to pay much attention and much time when combing your hair as the hair is short. But when it is growing, you need to maintain in a nice manner. So this is another kind of fade that you can try.

    #7. Drop Fade with Faux Hawk:

    Drop Fade with Faux Hawk
    Image Credit : Therighthairstyles

    The drop fade with Faux Hawk is one of the most stylish haircuts you can ever have. This is a really attractive haircut and it has so many detailed features. All kind of drop fades like low drop fade haircut, medium drop fades and high drop fades will bring a glittering look for this haircut. But rather than making the drop fade a lower one, it will look more elegant with a medium and a high drop fade. Especially when you are a fair skinned person, this haircut will be much highlighted.

    Faux Hawk is always a stylish haircut. But Faux Hawk with a drop fade, that’s another level. So if you want to look much stylish and if you want to be highlighted among the other people, then there will be no better haircut than the drop fade with Faux Hawk. So try this and see the results. Without a doubt you will get much attention with many more good comments.

    #8. Drop Fade with Afro:

    Drop Fade with Afro
    Image credit : Therighthairstyles

    Are you a black man with a hair with tight curls? Do not waste your time and hair in trying any other hairstyles. Drop Fade with Afro is the haircut that you are destined for. Drop fade with Afro is one of the freshest and coolest haircuts available today and it is so elegant and attractive. Just imagine the tight curls on crown with a faded sides and back. If that is not cool, there is no any other definition for cool.

    Not only for black men, any male with tight curly hair should try this haircut, because it is just made for them. And when it comes to this haircut, finishing lines are really important. So make sure that your hairdresser has made it perfect, so that you will be not facing any inconvenience.

    #9. Drop Fade with Texture Top:

    Drop Fade with Texture Top
    Image Credit : Menshairstylesnow

    This is another famous haircut styles available and there are so many men who are getting this haircut in the present. If you are a person with less hair; which means that if you are a person with a hair with low volume, then this is one of the best and matching haircuts for you. In this haircut, your barber will be adding some more layers to you hair, so that it will look like a more dense hair.

    When you are having this haircut, you will have to give some time for maintaining your hair. Get some gel or paste from your finger tips and just apply them on your hair and make sure that it is set in the required position. And use your palms to flatten the hair in the sides. So try this haircut and expect for much better comments from your family and friends.

    #10. Drop Fade with Fringe:

    Drop Fade with Fringe
    Image Credit : Pinterest

    Fringe is a very famous factor when it comes to hairstyles. But when you are having the fringe with a drop fade, then you are creating another level for other people to try. Drop fade with fringe is a very stylish haircut which is available today. For the fringe, it is better to have a low drop fade.

    In the top, you will be having much shorter hair on back and gradually it gets its length when coming to the front and in the front you will have the fringe where you have your longest of hair falling over your eyes. So this is one of those haircuts that you should try at least once in your life.

    #11. Drop Fade with Flat Top:

    Drop Fade with Flat Top
    Image Credit : Therighthairstyles

    The drop fade with flat top fade haircut remembers you the early 90’s which had the flat top sensation. Now it has got a more modern look with the drop fade and it has become one those haircuts which many men want to have. In this haircut, same as other kinds of fade haircuts, you will get the fade feature in the sides and back. But the real thing is happening in the top.

    You crown will be flat from the top and depending on your texture in crown you should maintain the height of your top. This haircut will give you a more dense appearance and it is a haircut that you should try, especially the ones with buzz hairs and curly hairs.


    So these above mentioned haircuts are some of the best haircuts which falls in to the fade haircuts category and you can try these styles with your hairdresser. And if you can choose the right haircut for you, with no any doubts, you will get all the attention and other people including your friends will start to follow you. So try these haircuts and get that stylish look you always wanted.

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