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    How to Deal with Back Pain During Pregnancy

    Back pain can be caused by any of various reasons including strained muscles, fibromyalgia, herniated spinal discs, lifting of heavy goods, osteoporosis and arthritis. If caused by injury from the negligence of others, there are lawyers to apply personal injury law facts to help their clients win a settlement. When a woman is carrying just as you possibly are, she experiences back pain contributed by factors such as weight gain, shifting of the center of gravity, muscle separation and ligament loosening hormones.

    Coping with Pregnancy-Associated Back Pain

    The good news is it is definitely possible to ease or even prevent those troubling aches. No, you don’t need a lawyer! Here are 8 ways how.

    #1. Wear a Maternity Belt

    A maternity belt is a supportive garment that helps you reduce the weight on your back while also supporting your belly. You can wear it under or over your clothes. You can get it from a maternity clothing shop or purchase online.

    #2. Get Your Posture Right

    With the increasing weight on the belly, it may get tempting to slouch. Take the effort to be aware of your posture.

    • When standing, put the weight into your heels rather than in your
    • feet. Also, aim to keep a hip-width distance between the feet
    • instead of keeping them too close together.
    • Don’t sit for extended periods of time.
    • When sitting, endeavour to position yourself as close as possible to the edge of the seat.
    • f lifting a small object, avoid doing so with your back and refrain from bending at the waist. Bend your knees or squat down and hinge at the hips.

    #3. Use the Right Footwear

    When pregnant, you would do well to avoid both heels and flats. While the former would direct pregnancy weight straight into your hip joints and lower spine, the latter would leave your feet unsupported possibly causing radiating pain and imbalance.

    In pregnancy’s you need to walk more and its also recommended by the back pain doctor. So obviously you need good foot wear also that footwear which helps you with your back pain also. A better option is a low-heeled shoe with a comfortable orthotic insertion or inbuilt arch support. So, I have gathered a great list of women’s walking shoes for lower back pain.

    #4. Make Yourself Mobile

    Keeping mobile by way of pregnancy-friendly exercise will help prevent tightening of muscles. Swimming is a good option.

    To give your lower back a good stretch, try doing this exercise. With your head positioned so as to be in line with your back, get on your fours. Pull in your stomach and then slightly round your back. Remain in the position for several seconds and then release, ensuring that you keep your back as flat as you can. Gradually train yourself to do 10 repetitions. Other suitable exercises are squats, bridges, glute kickbacks, lunges and the cat pose. Even walking helps a good deal.

    #5. Consider Complementary Therapies

    Acupuncture and chiropractic intervention are great complementary treatment options for back pain. While acupuncturists work by stimulating certain precise spots known as acupuncture points, chiropractors habitually use joint manipulation, prescribed exercises and soft tissue work to curb muscular tightness, joint misalignment and nerve compression. Before proceeding to do any of these therapies, first consult your health care provider. You should also look for a therapist who has experience in alleviating the back pain issues of pregnant women.

    #6. Use Hot and Cold Alternately

    Alternating between heat and ice treatments will assist with bringing down inflammation in the muscles as well as relaxing them. Always begin with a cold pack. This will slow pain signals aiming to reach the brain, and alleviate swelling. Follow this up with a heating pad for a time duration not exceeding 10 minutes each time on low or medium heat.

    #7. Treat yourself to a Massage

    A prenatal or pregnancy massage is associated with a number of benefits. Increased lymph and blood circulation helps to decrease swelling. There will also be alleviation of muscle cramps, myofascial pain, and spasms whether in the lower back, hips, legs and/or neck. Prenatal massage is additionally known to reduce anxiety, stress and depression and can even promote better sleep. To be on the safest side, consult your doctor first on whether or not you can go for such a massage. If yes, also ensure that you get your massage done only by a certified prenatal massage therapist.

    #8. Sleep with Support and on Your Side

    In addition to being uncomfortable for you, sleeping on your back would not be good for the baby inside of you. In contrast, when you sleep on your side, you will be increasing the flow of blood to your baby. In addition, consider using body pillows for extra support. Position them behind your back, under your abdomen, and between your bent knees.

    Pregnancy and Personal Injury

    It goes without saying that the joy of learning you are pregnant knows no bounds. What’s more, as a pregnant woman, you would always wish for the safety and good health of yourself and your baby. However, not all expectant women are lucky. Sometimes an unexpected accident happens that can endanger both the precious lives. If you know of any friend or loved one who is pregnant but got unfortunately injured by causes such as (but not limited to) the following and by the negligence of another, do encourage her to get legal support at the earliest:

    •  a car accident
    • slip and fall at the workplace or anywhere else because of a slippery floor or other reason
    • assault

    The lawyer would be able to apprise your friend or loved one of the personal injury law facts pertaining to her particular situation and guide her to getting a fair compensation.

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