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    10 Simple Home-Improvement Tips for Busy Homeowners

    When you own a home, you will never run out of things to do. You’d be amazed at quick fixes and little upgrades that can enhance the house in the blink of an eye or a weekend at most.

    These ideas and projects will show what the right amount of time and resources can do for the betterment of your indoor and outdoor space. Don’t forget the repairs that are straightforward and DIY-friendly.

    Fix What’s Leaking, Running, or Broken

    Bathroom or Kitchen Faucet

    Every drop of water counts, and a leaking kitchen or bathroom faucet requires immediate attention. The task of shopping a replacement faucet and installing it is relatively easy because it comes with instructions.

    What you need to prepare for and require extra help with is the removal of the old one. Armed with your wrench and other tools, locate the shutoff valves connected to the faucet, or the main water supply, if there aren’t any, and turn them off. You also have to disconnect the supply lines, a process that requires you to memorize or to take a picture of the plumbing configuration.

    Running Toilet

    While it’s not an emergency, think of the water wasted and the utility bills if your toilet malfunctions. Check the toilet tank for obstructions or leaks, taking extra care in removing the tank’s lid because it is expensive. Look into the mechanisms like the flapper or stem valve, and make the necessary adjustments.

    Broken Appliances

    A microwave with heating problems or a refrigerator that doesn’t cool needs professional intervention or a trip to the repair center. The trouble may still be minor and fixable.

    Install a New Toilet

    A bathroom addition has a positive effect on the home’s value, and it can be undertaken with little time or work than usual. Consider upflush systems such as one from Saniflo for the basement bathroom. Except that they have macerating pumps, these toilets follow a straightforward process for installation that homeowners with little plumbing skills can do the job.

    Replace Light Bulbs

    Is the room too bright or dim? Or do you want to add a mood to the patio, perhaps? To replace a bulb and switch to a more energy-efficient option requires a few minutes. Check that the wattage of the used and replacement bulbs match. Above all else, turn off the power prior to any mounting or fitting.

    Add a Chime to Your Doorbell

    It’s an added convenience when you want are in garage, basement, or in the area where the sound of the doorbell can’t reach you. Experts DIYers confess that tracking down cables is one of the trickiest parts of the exercise. You also have to check the capacity of the transformer. Here’s a video if you are ready to DIY.

    Patch a Hole in the Drywall

    You can quickly take care of holes left by the electric box or probably due to wear and tear with ready-made repair kits. You can also assemble a joint compound, drywall tape, taping knife, and mud pan to do the patching from scratch. For a final touch, prime and paint on the patched area, and it will be as if the hole didn’t exist at all.

    Adjust the Water Sprinklers

    Are your lawn and garden receiving the right amount of water? Under or over watering, especially the latter, leads to fungal diseases and expensive water bills. If you have a sprinkler system, you can tweak the arc and radius of the heads to improve the delivery or distribution of water. You can also check that the right side of the arc is correctly aligned so the water goes to the turf and not the walkway.

    Cleaning Gutters

    Roof repair and replacement are expensive and ideal for experts. From your end, you can free the gutter from leaves, needles, sediments, and other debris that can build up and clog, resulting in damages to the roof. Plus, you only do this task twice a year (spring, fall).

    Re-grouting Tiles

    The project is a simple alternative to replacing your ceramic tiles that may have looked old and dirty in the first place because of the existing grout. You will combine manual scrapping and use of power tools to get the old grout out of the seams. Then, prepare the new mixture, and apply it using a grout float or trowel. Let it dry overnight.

    Add Area Rugs

    Area rugs create a clean, snug, and polished space. Turkish or Persian rugs are top tier, but you can source affordable options online. These rugs vary by color, pattern, size, and material. Pick a few to complement your interiors and protect your floors from scratches.

    Get an Air Purifier

    This device improves the quality of the indoor air so that you or your family can inhale clean and healthy air. It also removes smoke, soot, and other substances that make the place smell bad. Because air purifiers vary, shop according to the square footage of the room/house, the filters from allergens, and features that add to mobility and convenience.

    It’s All in the Details

    When did you last have a good look around the house? List the things that required to be fixed, repaired, thrown out, or cleaned.

    To avoid feeling overwhelmed by the cleaning and all, resolve action items one at a time. What’s important is not to wait for any issues to grow bigger by the day and affect your household affairs in a negative way.

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