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    11 Things Every Couple Should Do Before Getting Married

    Setting up a powerful foundation for a wedding or another long-committed relationship doesn’t just happen in a second. There are several experiences couples bear over time that aids them to understand one another better.

    These experiences are among what helps the relationship stand up to smart and dangerous times. The experiences sharpen the relationship and train the bonds to get ready for the stormy times ahead Before Getting Married

    So, if your wedding is in sight, it is a vital step to take your limited time not only to prepare for a wonderful wedding but to get prepared for a long lasting and happy marriage. See some of those things every couple ought to do before marriage below:

    #1. Tell Each Other Deep Secret and Do Not Fail to Keep Them Safe

    At the point of getting married, your spouse should be your best friend whom you can share anything with. Most people have a deep secret which they will never tell anyone, but telling your spouse is a good sign that you can trust each other with anything in your marriage.

    #2. Share Your Childhood Memories, Your Past Lives, and Family Histories

    Talking about your past life with your spouse gives them the opportunity to enter into those memories in their own mind even though they were not there. It also grants them the chance to understand you and your way of doing things better.

    #3. Live Together for Some Time

    Living together gives each person the opportunity to see how the other behaves when at home. It is an important part because you are going to live with your spouse for the rest of your life, so it is actually a nice idea to try it before marriage to see if you can actually cope with some of their habit which you might find annoying.

    #4. Have A Fight and Resolve It Successfully (No, I’m not kidding)

    Yes, before you jump into marriage, you and your spouse should have a real fight. In marriage, there are several ups and downs. This gets you prepared for them. Not only should you have a real fight, but you should also be able to handle the situation and resolve the issue. If you can do this successfully, it is a good sign that you can handle future challenges.

    #5. Make a Budget and Handle Money Together

    Financial crisis is one of the major causes of marriage failures today. If you both can make a monthly budget and stick to it for a number of the agreed month, you are definitely going to understand each other when it comes to financing.

    #6. Get a Medical Checkup

    Before your marriage, it is necessary to go for a checkup to find out if any of you have any kind of transmitted disease, so you can have an already planned way to prevent the other from contracting it. Also, the medical checkup would let you know your blood groups, genetic conditions and fertility conditions for you to decide if you are both compatible to have kids together.

    #7. Have Long Conversation About the Future

    As young couples, you should be making plans on how you want your future to be. Discuss thing of importance like where you would live, how many kids you want to have, the name your kids would bear, the kind of jobs you would like to do and several other topics that are of importance to you.

    #8. Stay Away From Each Other for a Long Period

    In marriage, they are sometimes when one of you would have to be away for some time. You can put that into practice now and see if you can actually stay faithful to each other while separated by a long distance.

    #9. Go for An Impromptu Trip, And Then A Planned One

    Going for an impromptu trip helps you see how organized your partner is, and also how well they can deal with stress while planning a trip together allows you to see where you are on your partner’s scale of preference. If you are planning a trip, and your partner wants you both to travel to that special place you have always wanted to be, then there is no doubt you are a priority to him or her.

    #10. Get to Know Each Other’s Perspective of What Cheating Really Is

    Different people have a different ideology on what cheating really is. For some, walking with someone of the opposite sex down the aisle while holding hands could mean cheating while it’s perfectly okay for some. You have to tell each other what you consider as cheating in order not to end up in a fight.

    #11. Do Chores Together

    Someone who truly loves you won’t leave you to do the laundry, wash the dishes, do the floors and all that alone. They would happily join you and try as much as possible to reduce the stress for you.

    Here are the few things you have to do before marriage in order to be sure that you are really ready to get married and settle with your partner for the rest of your days.

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