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    13 Reasons Why Hair Gets Dry And Brittle

    In this article, we will discuss common hair care mistakes that harm their health and how to restore smoothness and shine to them. The hair does not become dry overnight, it accumulates gradually. There are specific reasons why one day we may find straw on our heads instead of luxurious hair. However, we do not panic, everything is fixable.

    Reasons Why Hair Gets Dry

    #1. Use A Styler Too Often

    When you often use an iron or curling iron, you dry out your hair and they do not have time to recover. You need to give your hair a break and use special protective sprays when styling.

    #2. Bad Hair Dryer

    If you use a hairdryer with aggressive hot air, it will damage the hair structure. A dangerous temperature for hair is considered above 36 degrees. The gentlest hairdryer at the moment is the ionizing one. It has the most comfortable temperature for drying hair. Then you won’t even need an iron, a good hairdryer won’t push your hair.

     #3. Diet

    Even if your food is marketed as healthy, such as a vegetarian diet as opposed to fast food and sugary soda, your hair can look worse every day. The reason is the lack of nutrients, without which the health and shine of the strands are impossible. Also if you eat food that dehydrates the body, your hair will become dry too.

    Alcohol is one such product that causes dryness in the hair. By frequent use, even if you save yourself from going to a rehab center for treatment you won’t be able to save the dryness of the hair. Therefore, it is better to give up this habit.

    #4. Excessive Washing

    If you wash your hair every day, then the sulfates contained in shampoos begin to dry out and destroy the hair structure. You need to wash your hair at least every other day, or even after two.

    #5. Insufficient Moisture

    Hair conditioner is needed to restore moisture lost when shampooing. That is why it is important to use a moisturizer correctly. Remember to blot the hair with a towel before applying the conditioner. Keep it on your hair for at least 5 minutes. It is also important to regularly do moisturizing and nourishing hair through masks, once or twice a week.

    #6. Frequent Dyeing

    Everyone knows that even the gentlest dyes spoil the hair, makes them dry and brittle. That is why stylists recommend thoroughly moisturizing and nourishing hair before and after dyeing.

    If you dye your hair once every 4-6 weeks, you don’t have to worry – when using high-quality formulations, the hair will not fade. But if you change color as often as trends change, the appearance of dullness and loss of hair health is more a pattern than an unexpected ending.

    #7. Insufficient Attention To The Bag Strap And Seat Belt

    We certainly don’t think about this when we sling a purse over our shoulder or fastening ourselves in the car. And the belts create purely technical friction and thus damage the hair. Therefore, make it a rule to pay attention to such details so that your hair does not fall under the belt.

    #8. Aggressive Brushing

    Wet hair is most fragile and prone to damage. That is why, before combing them, blot the strands with a towel. Then spray on the hair with a protective spray and only after that, gently comb your hair. For a good comb with soft teeth, hair will only say thank you.

    #9. Do Not Use Protective Equipment

    Hair also needs to be protected from harmful UV rays. Especially if in the middle of winter you have sharply decided to go to summer. A protective spray or at least a wide-brimmed hat will help you.

    #10. Rarely Cut Your Hair

    With long hair, it is tempting not to cut it for long. But at least once every two months, you need to walk over them with a trimmer so that they look healthy. The ends of the hair naturally wear out on average and begin to split after six to eight weeks.

    #11. Lack Of Nutrients In The Body

    Often, our appearance is the result of what is happening inside our bodies. What we eat directly affects the condition of the hair. With the change of season, we switch to heavier foods and this immediately affects the condition of nails and hair. Therefore, try to eat fruits and vegetables even in the cold season.

    #12. Sunlight

    According to statistics, every third inhabitant of the planet dyes their hair. In the sun, strands tend to fade, so the hair color fades. But even those who have never dyed their hair are faced with a loss of shine!

    The fact is that ultraviolet light and excess heat open the hair cuticle and destroy the pigment inside it. Sun’s rays draw moisture out of the strands, making them look dull and lifeless. Therefore, do not spend time under the sun bareheaded.

    #13. Dry Shampoo

    Statistics show every day, 56% of men wash their hair and only 30% of women. This difference is possible because women use dry shampoo. This little beauty assistant comes to the rescue when you don’t have time to wash your hair or style during the day and you need to add volume to them.

    Quality products cleanse and texture strands, add volume to the roots, and visually improve the appearance of hair. However, with frequent use, they can clog the pores of the scalp (the risk increases if they are used for several days in a row). It also provokes irritation and inflammation, which in turn leads to a loss of hair shine.

    Summing Up

    Beautiful and lush hair has always been the standard of beauty and has been the envy of women and men. But, unfortunately, very often the hair is devoid of shine, looks very dull, and gets dirty quickly at the roots. At the same time, it is very brittle in length and at the ends.

    If you see that the hair is falling out, their condition deteriorates rather sharply – this is a reason to see a doctor. Perhaps this is a signal of the presence of an internal disease. But do not be alarmed, it is better to get diagnosed by a doctor and identify the real cause.

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