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    3 Easy Ways to Add Beauty & Style to Your Kitchen

    The kitchen is the watering hole of the house. If you live with others its where you all meet, it’s the first place you bring visitors, it’s probably your go to spot when you’re bored, surely you’d consider it the heart of your house? It may be a close call between the kitchen and your bedroom, but you probably take a lot of care in how your room looks, so why let the other most important room get left behind?

    Your kitchen is more than just a functional space, it’s everything above, and there’s no need to let it get neglected. Show it the love it deserves using these simple ideas to re-vibe your culinary space and bring it up to style.


    Switching out your flooring can completely transform your kitchen and give it a whole new feel. In many cases, changing your floor may be all you need to do to rejuvenate the room, and it doesn’t have to be expensive, either. You have several options when it comes to reflooring the kitchen, from hardwood and engineered wood to laminate and vinyl and of course stone or tile.

    Vinyl is a great option for keeping costs low, it’s very water resistant and it’s easy to maintain – not to mention it comes in hundreds of designs that you can easily pass off for fancier materials. Hardwood or stone can be wonderful compliments to your kitchen and add value, but ultimately they are harder to maintain and suffer more from wear and tear.

    If you want to keep costs minimal or the kitchen isn’t yours to redesign, laying down a nice rug can work wonders for the vibe of the room, hiding an ugly floor or just adding some nice colour or texture.

    Splash back

    How about making a simple yet functional addition which can assist in a theme change or in adding a touch of new life to your kitchen? Not only do glass splashbacks come in a variety of designs and colours, but they make your kitchen super easy to clean, and they’re the most durable option for protecting your walls from your messy kitchen adventures.

    Another classy option for a splash back is a porcelain brick design, however these are floored in that they are held together with grout that can be easily stained and damaged by water.


    But you don’t have to replace entire surfaces to revive your kitchen, smaller changes can have just as big an impact, and make less of a dent in your wallet! Try setting a new colour scheme by repainting or getting matching appliances.

    Even something as simple as changing the lighting, swapping the faucet or replacing cupboard handles for a more vintage or perhaps more modern look can make a huge difference in the overall feel of the room and is easy to pull off on a low budget or even in a rental space where you have less freedom.

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