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    3 Easy Ways to Loan Money in Sweden

    Ever found yourself in Sweden in need of extra money? As a traveler or a backpacker, this situation is incredibly common. Anything from a sudden need of extra financials to a dire need of money for unexpected costs, the fact that you’re actually able to loan money despite not being a resident of Sweden is a comforting fact to be aware of—if this situation was to ever occur.

    The northern European countries are cutting-edge when it comes to the newly emerging financial market, fintech, and solutions that first arise in Sweden spread worldwide in a short period of time—and in just a few months time these solutions are available all around the globe.

    Here are 3 easy ways that you, as a foreigner, can loan money if you’re ever in need of such in Sweden.

    Take advantage of the fintech-market — apply for a ”snabblån” :

    The most popular way to loan money in Sweden—even for residents as well as tourists and travelers is by using a so called snabblån.

    The term directly translates to ”fast loan” and is another word for the common concept of payday loan.

    There are however some differences, however subtle, and these differences are what make the Scandinavian solutions as popular as they currently are.

    An example of lenders that act in this space can be found here: HittaSMSLån. In order to apply for a loan—simply choose a lender found in the list of the website and hit the button ”Låna nu”. You’ll be taken to the company’s website where you can fill in your details—get in touch with the lender and in a very short period of time acquire a loan of anything between $100 to $5000 very fast, very quickly, directly to your bank account.

    Apply for loan via SMS :

    On top of the convenient ”snabblån”, Swedish companies also offer so called ”smslån”, which are loans that can be applied to via sms.

    An SMS loan is just as easy to apply for as a snabblån. The first thing to do is to find a lender that offers this type of loan. Once a lender’s found you can simply send an sms to this lender asking for a loan, with the amount you wish to acquire.

    The lender will then look at who owns the phone number that sent this SMS, and if they’re creditworthy the lender will send the money and the user who asked for the loan will soon have the money on their bank account.

    To utilize an SMS loan however you need to have a Swedish bank account and be a subscriber to a Swedish telecom company, making this solution ideal for those who’re dual citizens or who have acquaintances in Sweden.

    Ask for a loan in international banks :

    Sweden’s full of banks. The likelihood that the bank you have at home has an office in Sweden’s very high. Santander, Danske Bank and many more international banks have offices in Sweden and if the bank lacks an office it’s still likely they’ll be able to operate over the internet.

    In the most dire of cases you can simply navigate to your bank’s website and most likely apply for a loan there. The likelihood that they’re able to grant you the loan and send you the money despite your presence in Sweden for the time being’s very high.

    As most banking occurs over the internet today your bank will be able to grant you the loan, deposit the money to your bank account and you’ll be able to use these in Sweden. Unlike other countries around the world—Sweden’s very connected internationally making cross-border transactions very smooth and very easy.

    There are few hurdles to the one who needs financial means fast in Sweden and the various solutions available for this are many, whereby the most popular one is in fact the very smooth, quick and convenient snabblån and smslån.

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