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    3 Odd Accessories You Didn’t Know You Wanted

    It’s true that there are so many gadgets and inventions on the market that it’s very easy to dismiss many of them as tacky tat that is a waste of money but if you look through them thoroughly enough you can find some really ingenious little inventions that are really cool and you’ll definitely want to have. We have seen that accessories are as important, if not more so, than ever and there are so many things to be mindful of when choosing. We’re going to have a quick look at 3 of the best new gadgets we have come across in recent times.

    Power banks that are built into clothing

    What’s worse that being out and about and your phone has that horribly familiar buzz and tone letting you know that the battery is running low and if you’re not near a charging socket you could be in trouble. Whether you are out socializing and will miss out on those photo opportunities or the ability to stay connected and document the night or if you’re at work and meeting clients and can’t pull up those important documents from the cloud then you are in trouble with no battery life. There is even a jacket that can act as a solar charger so with this there would really be no excuse to not have a full battery.

    Metal wallets and wallets with RFID protection

    Wallets are not often the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of which accessories you are looking to upgrade as it’s not always the first thing that’s seen but there are some really cool new ideas, metal wallets are on the rise for example, and this is more than just a cool design there are some really good reasons to go for a metal wallet. It is smaller and more discreet, not making the same bulge in your pants or jacket as a traditional leather or fabric wallet does, although this means that you will not be able to store coins or receipts like you do with a larger one. There are also technological advantages to this design, RFID protection is a feature of many of these wallets that means that someone trying to electronically steal your card data will be thwarted as the protection stops these criminals scanners reading your cards from through the wallet.

    USB chargeable electric cigarette lighters

    The humble cigarette lighter was something that we hadn’t considered as something that would be in line for an improvement in modern technology, it has pretty much stayed the same for generations. But we came across this fantastic invention the USB chargeable electronic lighter! It is great because everyone has USB chargers everywhere so it can be recharged in your daily life and doesn’t require refills like a fuel based lighter so it’s much easier in that way. It also has a huge cost saving as a $15 lighter will give you hundreds and hundreds of recharges making it an extremely long lasting solution.

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