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    4 Simple Improvements That’ll Make Your Home Better

    Doing a home renovation, but run out of creative ideas?

    If so, no worries. People renovate their homes a few times in their life. And unless they’re interior designers, being creative will be a struggle.

    However, you need a place to give you simple ideas. And this is what we’ll help you with.

    Below are 4 of them. Check them all, and apply them to your home!

    #1. Stackable Washer

    Also called a “stackable laundry center.”

    Basically, this stacks your dryer and washing machine. The dryer goes on top. And the washing machine at the bottom.

    Between them is space – if you want to lineup some detergent bottles.

    The Pros

    First, it forces you look for affordable dryers.

    After all, you can’t stack heavy dryers on top. You’ll generally need something that’s small but effective.

    And this saves you hundreds of dollars on a new one. It also saves you money on power bills (which dryers majorly contribute to).

    But finally, it gives you more space. If your laundry is done in the kitchen, you have more room for storage. So it’s an improvement suitable for small-sized homes.

    #2. Kitchen Rollouts

    Kitchen rollouts are extendable drawers for cabinets.

    You see, a problem with cabinets is space. And it’s not that they lack it…

    It’s that sometimes, there’s too much of it and what ends up happening is, stuff gets buried there. It could be your cereal box, some spices, a few cooking pans, you name it…

    So you need an organizer for your cabinets. And that’s what a kitchen rollout does!


    The extra organization means efficient use of space.

    So now, you can stuff more into a cabinet. And you won’t worry about lacking enough cabinets to store all your kitchen tools!

    Another pro is child-use. Your kids can now grab stuff out of cabinets easily.

    You can have certain rollouts within their reach. And they can easily pull them out and get what they need!

    #3. Water Softener System

    Live in an area with “bad tap water”?

    By bad, we don’t mean contaminated. Instead, we mean having an excess of chemicals that are used to clean it.

    If so, you need a good water softener.

    What’s That?

    It’s like an advanced version of a water filter. And it’s much-much larger in size.

    A water softening system can fit into closet. Its tanks are large, and that’s because they purify all the water coming to your home.

    However, while large, it’s a worthwhile investment.

    How So?

    With such systems, you clear the calcium and magnesium salts in hard water. So that’s less soap scum in your kitchens and bathrooms.

    And that means less salt marks on sinks and tubs. Also, it ensures less salt build ups in your glassware and cooking equipment!

    It also means better laundry washing. And of course, there’s your personal use. You maintain healthier skin and digestion with soft water. So it’s a simple system. And it’s worthwhile but speaking of water…

    #4. Acrylic Splashbacks

    In kitchens and bathrooms, you need water-resistant tiles.

    However, retiling can be expensive. And for the most part, it’s not a job you can do on your own…

    This is where an acrylic splashback helps. It’s a plastic (similar to glass) that you add to walls behind sinks and tubs.

    It adds a layer of protection to your tiles. And this ensures less wear from water use!


    You can customize the aesthetics of acrylic.

    After all, it’s cheap, easy to cut, and easy to replace. So you can literally create a custom acrylic panel for your tiles!

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